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  1. Can someone tell me about the clay baths for detox? What is a good product? How to use? How often, etc
  2. Yes, it does take a lot and can add up $, but it does work. Both my childrens' blood tests show they are very anti-inflammatory. I should note my daughter was on these before pandas came about, but who knows how much worse she would have been. These are dosages give since about 8 years 65 lbs or so. Start off with half this to check for tolerance. turmericforce by new chapter 4+ capsules spread out per day (could probably use any curcumin product. This is considered a very high dose.) total EFA+DHA fish oil = 4000mg+ spread out through the day (make sure it is low in omega6 high in omega3) BCQ by vital nutrients 2 caps 3x day (can mix in food, applesauce) zyflamend (comes in small easycaps)1/2 adult dosage until 11 or 12 years then adult dosage.
  3. Most of the loss was regained with a short (month) course of steroids. It was naproxen (not ibuprofen), but this can happen with any NSAID (both are NSAIDs). She was on very high doses for about a month. Loss is an extremely rare side effect. Nevertheless, these are ototoxic meds. I should note that the other possibility for the loss could have been autoimmune disease, but she has had that for years and never any changes in hearing. (she was tested regularly)
  4. Thanks Priscilla. I found it. It says 3 times a day, but I think that is for much younger/smaller children. Well, that is a start at least.
  5. We have been given the go ahead to try olive leaf extract, but what is the therapeutic dosage (capsules) for 95lbs? Any recommendations of brand to use or not use? Thanks!
  6. I just want to share what we did for my daughter’s IVIG since she has not had any side effects. Hopefully this will help others. This is day two post IVIG. This was her second IVIG. The first one she did have side effects, so this time, we slowed down the infusion and doubled the saline solution. She is 85 lbs. We did 2gm/ per kilo of body weight. This was a two-day infusion with 740ml IVIG solution per day and two 1000ml saline bags per day. We asked our pharmacist for the most “reliable” brand that he carried with the least preservatives. We started the saline 30 minutes prior to the IVIG and gave her Claritin and Tylenol at that same time (both days). We started the IVIG at 50ml per hour for the first hour then did 100ml per hour for the remaining hours (both days). We timed it so that we finished off the saline solution 30 minutes following the completion of the IVIG solution. Two very long days! We gave her no additional Tylenol, Benedryl, etc. She did take her normal antibiotic and supplement regimen. The first day post IVIG she went to acupuncture. Though, I don’t think it was necessary this time. (The first IVIG it helped with the side effects). Hope this information is helpful to others.
  7. I agree. Also, spreading it out lessons the chance of side effects plus lots of fluid (hydration) before during and after. Saline drip along with IVIG will help. Children typically handle it better (less side effects) than adults. That is why I suppose some children can do it in one day. I have heard of spreading it out as much as five days for 2gm/per kilo. To completely eliminate side effects. Slowing it down also lessons side effects. i.e. take total of 16 hours vs 8 hours just as an example. But some children may want to deal with minor side effects and not drag it out.
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