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  1. We are using Dr. Ronald Whitmont - www.homeopathicmd.com H I got his name from the book by Connie Strasheim, Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment - 13 Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies. Since Dr. Whitmont works from symptoms, the consultation can be done by telephone conference. There are no travel costs and the remedies are inexpensive. He really takes time to understand what is going on with each child and sends the homeopathic remedy by mail. He is also board certified in Internal Medicine. I also have lyme and I can definitely see my own po
  2. I have two children that were diagnosed with PANDAS and then Lyme. After seeing two different "top" PANDAS experts and having 2 IVIG's each and multiple antibiotics with worsening of symptoms we took a leap of faith and tried the Homeopathic approach. We love the Homeopathic Dr we have chosen and feel that he is the first to truly take the time to listen and try his best to help. We have seen tremendous improvement with both children. They are on no antibiotics and only take one little homeopathic pellet per day. There was a time when I first learned about PANDAS when all I wanted was to
  3. Both of my children have Lyme and I do too. I also feel that when I look back I had minor symptoms for many years. I do wish I knew if my children have congenital lyme or if this is something they acquired in the last couple of years.
  4. I wonder if the issue is more that these kids have an open blood-brain barrier such that any of these infections result in mental symptoms that kids with closed blood brain barriers do not get? Just a thought. Then they just need to find a way to close the blood brain barrier.
  5. Jodie, My two children were diagnosed with Lyme in mid August and immediately started an aggressive antibiotic protocol with Dr. Jones. I just found out two days ago that my lab work came back positive for Lyme. My husband and I are currently researching and debating whether to go with the Klinghardt protocol or the traditional antibiotic protocol. We live in Houston and there are no Lyme Doctors. I have found someone here, however, who has trained under Kinghardt and follows his protocol. I am truly concerned about the long term affects of these high dose antibiotics for both my chil
  6. My kids Lyme tests were ordered by Dr. B as part of his routine panel prior to a Pandas consultation. We did not expect to find Lyme. He sent us the lab work forms and we went to Lab Corp. Dr. B referred us to Dr. Jones and he began working with the kids immediately. I went through Igenex and just got my results today. Dr. Jones only treats children so I need to find a Lyme Doctor. I am in Houston and I do not believe there are any Lyme Doctors here. I am researching now even the possibility of going with a homeopathic approach for both the kids and me. Any thoughts on homeopathic/he
  7. My two children (ages 13 and 15) both tested positive for Lyme in mid-August. I followed up by testing myself for Lyme and found out this morning that I am positive too. We have no idea when or where we got lyme. I have considered the possibility that this is something I have had long term that I passed to the kids congenitally. However, it seems my symptoms and my 15 year olds symptoms both started last Fall. My 13 year old has had OCD symptoms from about age 5 and her Lyme symptoms are very bad. We all four got flu-mist in the Fall and I have heard that that may have triggered inactive
  8. My son had a UTI without me knowing it while he was on zithromax 250MG twice a day. I found out only because we were doing a full panel of blood work for Lyme. I would not let this go. Take care.
  9. Dr. B ordered an entire panel of lab work for my kids, including Lyme, which I had done at Lab Corp in Houston - no Igenex. I was shocked to discover both of my kids were positive for Lyme. I do not believe Dr. B is treating for Lyme since he referred us to a Lyme Dr - this was three weeks ago. I am, however, glad that he ran the tests and discovered this. The diagnosis of Lyme was confirmed through Dr. Jones.
  10. Good summary - thank you for sharing.
  11. When I first discovered PANDAS, I consulted with one of the top PANDAS Dr.s and had IVIG's for both of my children. My daughter seemed to get progressively worse after the treatment and I was not getting answers I needed so I decided to change Dr.s. I consulted with Dr. B who, thankfully, ordered a whole series of tests for my kids, including Western Blot Lyme (not igenex). I did not believe my kids had any chance of having Lyme (since we did not think we had much risk of exposure) and they were both positive - on Wesern Blot with LabCorp - we went to our own lab in Houston. These are r
  12. My 13 year old daughter and 15 year old son were both recently diagnosed with lyme. The original lab work was western blot through Lab Corp. The Dx was confirmed with Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones is doing further lab work with Igenex. I did Igenex on Tuesday and am waiting for results.
  13. I recommend: Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment by Connie Strasheim. It is a compilation of Lyme strategies of 13 Lyme Doctors (some of the top int he country). Several of the Drs. do touch on treatment of children, but the book on treatment of Lyme in general. There are several books recommended in the back of this book, notably one entitled: The Lyme-Autism Connection: Unveiling the Shocking Link between Lyme Disease and Childhood Development Disorders, By Bryan Rosner and Tami Duncan. I cannot help but wonder if there is a Pandas/Lyme connection as well.
  14. My DD13 was diagnosed with OCD at around age 7 or 8. Her OCD was mild and she functioned well at school. She was also a calm and obedient child. The OCD symptoms would change through the years and there were periods of time in which her symptoms were mild or in remission. A few years ago when she was sick her symptoms increased and I asked our Dr's about Pandas and I was told that Pandas was not recognized and I should not look into it. In February 2010 my 15 year old came down with strep and my daughters symptoms skyrocketed. She became violent, her OCD symptoms got very bad, and she ha
  15. On the issue of Pandas vs. Lyme. I started down the Pandas path in February and totally believed that I finally found the answer to my D!2's long term symptoms. I immediately began Pandas treatment of High dose IVIG and low dose antibiotics (in March 09). The treatment was not working and in August I consulted with Dr. B who ran a large panel of blood work - including Western Blot Lyme - which I had done at Lab Corp (not Igenex). I did not think my kids were at risk for Lyme and was shocked to find out that both of my children tested positive for Lyme. Both of my children also have symp
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