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  1. I've found from my experience that any medicine for ADD or depression or anxiety or any condition that involves the way our minds and brains function can have a different effect for different people. While one prescription may be perfect for one person, it may not necessarily work for the next person. Also doses can have different effects and usually the doctor will start with a low dose like the previous poster said. I would suggest that you stay in contact with your daughter's doctor on whether the medicine is working, so her doctor can adjust it as needed. Also, it may take a few weeks for
  2. It could be OCD but it seems like it something else that is causing this behavior or that has ingrained this behavior in her. I would suggest she visits a doctor or psychiatrist. The problem is that she is 30 and an adult and you can't force her to go to a doctor. You can talk with her and hopefully she will make the decision. But I think the best thing is for a professional to treat and diagnose her. It just seems like it something deeper and more rooted from her past and not OCD.
  3. The temporary tattoos with the red 40 could be absorbed by the skin making him react the same way he would if he ingests it. Just like a nicotine patch, whatever you put on your skin is absorbed by your body. That invisible glove sounds like it would work to keep the red 40 from being absorbed. I was think a clear nail polish would do the same thing but the invisible glove is probably more safe.
  4. I was a shirt sucker too when I was little. I wouldn't worry about it. Eventually your child will stop. As long as it isn't hurting anyone, I wouldn't worry. I do have to say that I'm a nail biter and I am unable to break that habit. I don't bite them as much as I pick at them. I think the shirt sucking and nail biting are just little ticks or habits. Again, nothing to worry about.
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