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    3boysmom got a reaction from kimballot in Update on DS - now 19   
    I haven't been on here in a long time either. So nice to hear things are moving in the right direction.😊 We are doing well also, I'll post an update soon.
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    3boysmom reacted to bigmighty in Understanding the Brain   
    Free 10 week class starts in late April - Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life
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    3boysmom got a reaction from My3sons in almost can't read fb feeds anymore   
    Totally can relate! I even sometimes find it difficult to join in conversations with other moms as they discuss what they view to be difficult decisions..."football vs basketball" " ballet or tap"....really? These are your big decision making crises for your child? Our decisions are " IVIG or PEX?". I sometimes want to say "why us?" but why not us? I see families with very sick kids with uncurable illnesses and I become grateful for an illness that still offers HOPE. The difficult part of this illness was losing the son I knew so quickly overnight with no warning and nowhere to turn, no one to understand, no doctor willing to help and watching him suffer with no way to revieve his torment. Then when he is finally improving.... holding our breaths wondering when he will be gone again and having my heart ripped out again. Faith, hope and love..... we have a deeper understanding and this gets us through the tough times.
    Prayers to you, Linda
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    3boysmom reacted to qannie47 in Got no where fast!   
    I guess there are the trail makers and the ones that just follow them. Thank goodness for our brave doctors who have dared unchartered territory. Truly, they will be on the short list with all those before them, whom have contributed our greatest breakthroughs in medicine.
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    3boysmom got a reaction from BeeRae22 in Daughter has emergent condition- I suspect PANS and NEED HELP   
    You can try and call Dr T in New Jersey .... He gave us a phone consult right away....cost $400. But found the answer and antibiotic we needed. We are all praying for you.... This is scary, we know!
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    3boysmom reacted to Dedee in At the risk that you may all think me a zealot.....   
    My 18 year old son flaired when he was 6. He is now picking out colleges and has his pick due to his good grades and excellent ACT score. I haven't had to do one thing for him. He is complety independent and motivated. He wants to get his Masters in Molecular Biology so he can do medical research some day. I am so completely proud of this young man who at the age of 6 could not go outside, eat off of plates, or stop washing his hands because of his extreme fear of contamination (among other things). There are no outward signs of OCD, tics, or anxiety now. He is a wonderful, smart, sweet young man. Now, I'm working on his two younger siblings. I know I will get there with them too. The Lord is good.
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    3boysmom got a reaction from JuliaFaith in At the risk that you may all think me a zealot.....   
    My abusive ex-husband was a gift that I would not trade. I was very young and it was 30 years ago, but it has reminded me every day for the 27ish years thatI I have been with my current husband, how blessed I am to have him. So instead of choosing to feel bitter, I have chosen to feel blessed. I would have missed noticing and appreciating the wonderful qualities in my current husband. So he is lucky as well because he is not taken for granted. So, we always tell our boys that we are sure that PANDAS is shaping them into some incredible future adults.
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    3boysmom got a reaction from nicklemama in warning:vent! Horrified by school!   
    Don't leave or sign the 504 meeting until you see the written plan. If it isn't written out then ask to "table the meeting" and you will come back to sign when the agreed upon accommodations are written on the plan.
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    3boysmom got a reaction from Twomeymk4 in Desperately looking for help.....   
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    3boysmom got a reaction from Twomeymk4 in Desperately looking for help.....   
    Isn't it nice when our kids take away hopeful news after listening to the doctors during their visits? So glad he is smiling; means he heard something "hopeful".
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    3boysmom got a reaction from JAG10 in Gotta share   
    Hi Jag, been hanging around this forum with you for a while now. We have always seemed to be in similar circumstances with our kids...
    DS13 just got back from a week of camp and did great (probably the only kid that packed 20 pairs of underwear and smuggled in a few rolls of toilet paper ... In case the camp ran out). BUT went and WANTED to go. I was a nervous wreck that whole week so you are braver than me doing 3!! It's been a long road....so happy for you both!
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