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  1. Well thanks for the reply. We are giving it a few more days to see if improvement continues. If it does we will be looking for a new non-CRT TV.
  2. Background: Almost 9 years old (3/24). Just started having vocal and facial tics a few months ago. He was playing video games watching TV near or in excess of 50 hours per week. 5-6 hrs Mon-Fri. 10+ Saturday and Sunday. As of Sunday he's been cut off cold turkey from all screens including computer and hand held. After only two days we are already seeing a noticeable improvemnet. He's gone from having a tic every few mins to a few a night less then 1 per hour. I've been reading a lot about LCD and CRT but nobody has mentioned plasma screens. Nor anything about size making a difference. My limited understanding is the CRT's refresh at 60mhz while LCD is at 120mhz or higher. The human brain can see at a rate up to 70mhz. Plasma don't have a refresh rate because they don't operate the same as a CRT or LCD, the pixels don't flash on/off(refresh) they just change. So my questions: Wouldn't plasma be an even better option then a LCD? Could the rear-projection type be the worst, since they basically send light signals outward from inside the case toward the viewer? (my own theory) Would size make a difference say a 17in vs the 60in he's been on? Could anybody that has been through this before with the TV issue, make any recommendations how much to re-introduce. I was kinda thinking 1 hour every other day to start?
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