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  1. I do not know your name, and I know your post is from almost one year ago. I just made an addition to this forum trying to explain my condition, but it is really hard for me to explain it and always has been. Then I stumbled across your entry and felt like you and me are exactly the same and do exactly the same things. Pretty awesome, as I thought I was alone with this obsessive counting thing. Cheers!
  2. I am so amazed to have found this group!! I never really thought it was weird to count letters in a sentence, for some reason I thought that everybody does it. Then I talked to my boyfriend last night and he was really stunned at the fact that I instantly told him the number of letters in the sentence he just said. So I decided to google it and this forum came up, I now feel that Im not alone and after reading some entries, it is so amazing to see that there are people like me out there! When I meet new people they often tell me that I am "the most awkward person they ever met". This is solely due to the fact that I often stay quiet for long periods of time because I am counting letters of what I hear or sometimes even of my own thoughts! But people only see a girl sitting there and staring into space. My really close friends are used to it and they dont mind it at all. I am also very random and I have an extremely short temper when it comes to things that dont go the way I want them to. I hate slow people, dumb questions, ignorance, and many other things that I blame people for when it is usually not even their fault. Before I go to bed I need every plug in my room to be unplugged and every door and light to be shut, otherwise I cannot sleep. My room is messy most of the time but I always have exact places where I need my things to be, which is why I rarely lose anything. I am very organized when it comes to timing and it makes me extremely angry when people are late. Also, I hate spelling mistakes and when people use abbreviations for texting because it messes up my letter-counting system. After writing all this I really feel like a freak and I was embarrassed to tell my friend about all this but he says that it makes me special. All these things only rarely bother me in my daily life though, it only really bothers me because I often get in my own way and have so many thoughts at once that I do not know where to store them anymore. It feels so good to get all of this off of my chest!!
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