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  1. Chemar - and everyone else - you are awesome!! So sweet to be helping and caring for us, whom you don't know. I will definitely keep you all posted. I know how much work goes into being a mom and/or dad, and especially a parent devoted to a beautiful child with special needs (if that's the 'right term'). Laurie
  2. I will definitely get him in for a strep test, thanks. And, yes, I'm keeping the April appointment for a 2nd opinion. In the meantime, I phoned a psychologist that we met about a month ago when we first heard from the school. He said he didn't suspect Tourette's either, but told me that we still don't have a diagnosis (which is true). So, he's willing to work with us to first, figure out what is going on, then come up with a "treatment" plan.
  3. Ha! I agree! Of course, I'm such a "wuss" and assume the doctor knows best, so I didn't push it like I thought I would. Before the words "Tourettes" and "tics" came into our vocab, we met with a wonderful Psychologist. I'm thinking I'm going to call him again, because, let's face it, therapy can help everyone! I believe he specializes in Child Psychology, so that's a good place to start anyhow. Do you think it was smart that we met with a Neurologist first? (As opposed to a Psychiatrist, which some people recommended?). By the way, after they said my son doesn't really have 'ti
  4. Thank you everyone for your tips and advice. After spending 2 1/2 hours with the Neurologist last night, they said they are 100% sure he does not have tourette's. They listened to our history and symptoms and performed some physical tests on my son. They said that his behavior isn't really "tics" either. That "tics" are more simple, I guess is the word, and my son uses complex phrases that make sense. I'm probably writing this wrong, but hopefully you get the gyst. So....their diagnosis? Impulse control, hyperactivity and some social anxieties. As I've stated before, Tourette's r
  5. I'm starting to get that impression after reading on this board. I plan on DEMANDING a strep test and a discussion on PANDAS, because as I said, there is no history of any neurological disorder in my family. Hopefully, the Neorologist at Children's Hospital is a bit more educated since he deals with just children and this is his specialty.
  6. Thank you Dut! Would you mind posting the link to the OCD behaviors topic? I'm having a hard time finding it. We finally got an appt today at Boston Children's with a neorologist. I can't wait, but I'm nervous, too. I am going "armed" with tons of notes and suggestions (right from this forum!!) so we can give the Dr. an accurate background, and hopefully, will come home with a realy diagnosis after careful consideration of everything I have to say. I'll let you all know how it goes. Thank you! Laurie
  7. Thanks Colleen. If a strep test comes back positive, does that mean that, for sure, that is what's causing the behavioral change? Could it be possible that he's had strep for over a year...because he's been acting this way for a while. Would simple medications/antibiotics get rid of this, or once you have PANDAS, you have it for life? I will check out the PANDAS site, too, thanks!
  8. Thank you, thank you! The more information I gather....the more I'll have to get him a proper diagnosis. His Neurological appt is in April (boo!), but the DR first suggested a psychiatric screening. Just doesn't seem to fit with our family history, so I will definitely be reading up more on other causes. As for Lyme....is it possible he got it without the initial signs, like high fever, aches and pains and the rash? Because I don't remember him ever showing these symptoms. I will definitely have him tested for strep, too - I only remember him having this once in his short life, but ma
  9. Thank you, Kengela - yes, he has been acting this way for well over a year...maybe even longer...with the exception of new thinkgs like the spitting and licking. It seems to be getting worse and more frequent, but I think that is because he just started school this year and the daily excitement and/or anxiety is probably prompting this. I can't remember when this started....it seems like he's been this way forever, and like you said, we just thought it was his personality. He doesn't get sick often, but I can remember the last time he had a very high fever, they gave him a strong shot (n
  10. Hi all - I am still waiting for an appointment for my 5 year old son to determine what sydrome, if any he has. His school is concerned that he is showing signs of Tourette's. The only knowledge I have of Tourette's is my own research on-line for the past 2 weeks. Although it seems obvious that he has certain vocal and motor tics, I'm just not convinced yet that they stem from Tourette's (the main reason being there is not one person in my immediate family, or family history with any neurological disorder). I am not asking for a diagnosis - obviously I'll wait for the professionals. H
  11. Thank you, Cheri! There really is no history of any disorder in either family, so perhaps this is just tics due to something else. He doesn't show any signs of OCD and has only had strep once. I want this Doctor appt more than anything so we know what we are dealing with and can get my precious guy some help!! Thanks again for the reply, I really appreciate it. Laurie
  12. How does this control tics and why? Should I give my son (who hasn't been officially diagnosed yet) a bath in it, or is there some other way of using it? I'm so scared because my son refuses to take medicine in ANY form....liquid, chewables, dissolvables....takes a fit NO MATTER what flavor or method. I'm just hoping if he has to go on meds for the tics that there's a patch of some kind out there. But I was also just reading in this forum that magnesium helps?? Most of my son's tics are verbal, so how would this help? Thank you all!! Laurie
  13. Hi everyone - just joined the forum today. I have been searching and searching for forums and help on-line for about 2 weeks. We suspect that my 5 year old may have Tourette's, but I'm so confused. Please forgive the LONG post, but I've been dying to get this off my chest and get some feed back from others. Here's a little background: My only son just started Kindergarten in Sept. Prior to Kindergarten, he just went 2 days a week to a in-home daycare, so this is his first time in an actual "school" system. The first week was tough....he cried everyday and every night. It was heart-w
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