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  1. My husband and I just had this conversation this weekend!! Only he was making the point that my recent obsession has taken a toll on our time together. I'm pretty good about keeping the focus on the kids - but once they're in bed all bets are off! If you could see how I've transformed Buster's charting technique into a full blown interactive tracking spreadsheet you'd be amazed. (It't the geeky engineer in me - what can I say!) Fortunately, my husband doesn't complain too much - he knows that I'm insane when it comes to the kids and that telling me to "relax" and not to worry so much a
  2. My non-PANDAS daughter was a pill at bedtime too, but it was more about how she wasn't tired yet (understandable since bedtime was an hour earlier to her - even though we did let them stay up half hour later to split the difference). My son didn't want anything to do with getting up this morning, he was OUT COLD! When we finally did get him going, I was all nerves because when he's tired his sypmtoms tend to be at their worst. I was surprised to see him not be too cranky. He was a little quiet at first but actually let me get him dressed without too much of a struggle (usually a big or
  3. Did anyone else have a rough time last night? Our PANDAS son (2) had a wonderful week last week, only 2 bad days at school, no major rages, just some increased OCD symptoms but overall a great week. Even had a wonderful day Saturday, going out for a St Patty's dinner with about a dozen other couples and a whole mess of kids 5 and under and he was a perfect angel! Yesterday was a good day too, up until bed time when my exorcist baby came out. FULL ON RAGE! Throwing things, hurling himself against the bedposts, whole 9 yards. Fortunately my 3 year old was already in bed, and didn't ha
  4. Thank you all for your support and suggestions, I agree it is likely just the ups and downs of sibling rivalry. They've just always been such good playmates before. On Saturday she told me "I like my brother again, he's all better cause he took his medicne" That leads me to believe that it is mostly the ficklness of being 3 and a minor understanding of his problem. It helps that we had a GREAT week! Only 2 bad days at school (out of 5) and a wonderfully well behaved weekend (Even went to dinner with 15 other couples and a gaggle of under 5 children and he was an ANGEL!) - that is up u
  5. I'm new to these forums, usually hanging out over in the PANDAS forum, since my 2 1/2 year old has been diagnised with it. We've gotten the agression and rages somewhat under control, and now are dealing primarily with the OCD. Our Dr. thinks that therapy will be a good addition to our treatment plan I've spoken with a couple of child therapists who all agree that play therapy is what would work best for his age, but I'm having trouble finding one. Does anyone have any recommendations in the Central/South west region of Florida? Thanks!
  6. Last night just broke my heart. During bathtime my 3 yr old daughter looked at me and said "Mommy, I don't want my brother any more" I asked if she meant she didn't want to take baths with him any more (my PANDAS son is 2 1/2 - they still bathe together sometimes), and she said "No, I don't like him, can we take him back to the store and sell him?" When I asked why she said she didn't like him because "he was mean and tries to hurt her". This was especially upsetting because after about 5 wks on abx we've seen a SIGNIFICANT improvement in the aggressive behavior/rages - he even had two
  7. We've been slowly but surely getting better - even had our first completely "normal" day in months on Monday - yay!! But our pediatrician still thinks that therapy will help our little man cope with the OCD and help him self soothe (which he has been able to do with more frequency as he continues the abx.) The recommendations that we've gotten so far don't specialize in play therapy - which is the most likely course of action for us right now since our little man is only 2 1/2. I've gotten one recommendation from a friend of a friend who is a child psychologist, but I was wondering if anyon
  8. We've been slowly but surely getting better - even had our first completely "normal" day in months on Monday - yay!! But our pediatrician still thinks that therapy will help our little man cope with the OCD and help him self soothe (which he has been able to do with more frequency as he continues the abx.) The recommendations that we've gotten so far don't specialize in play therapy - which is the most likely course of action for us right now since our little man is only 2 1/2. I've gotten one recommendation from a friend of a friend who is a child psychologist, but I was wondering if anyon
  9. We saw improvement in about 5-6 days, the first thing we noticed was he was no longer so angry and aggressive and was able to work through his rages.
  10. I think we are very lucky with our pediatrician, he's been great! There were several OCD things that my son would do, particularly surrounding breakfast at daycare that we never associated with OCD at first. We just thought he was a very particular little man. It wasn't until the aggression sprung up and we noticed that if he had a bad morning at breakfast (everything wasn't just right) the likilhood of him being aggressive seemed to increase - it wasn't always the case, but it was what made us start noticing that some of his odder behaviors probably weren't normal. That, and if things did
  11. He was just shot out of acannon last night, normally he's a very good eater and can't wait to sit down to dinner. Our big struggle is the inequity with what we expect out of our daughter, who's non PANDAS, and him. We wouldn't allow her to run amok like we did him last night, but threatening to not let him have a snack later (which usually makes the point) didn't work - so it probably was just a hyperactive moment. I'm glad to hear that we're not the only softies and that it probably won't end up hurting the kids in the long run!
  12. Thanks, we havn't done any probiotics yet - other than yogurt (which he eats in the morning for breakfast). He takes his gummy vitimin in the evening, and he hasn't had any stomach issues on the abx at all, and we're going on 35 days (with a 5 day break in there). The Dr says as long as he's not having any issues, and the yogurt is taking care of intestinal issues, we don't have to supplement if we don't want to. Are there other reasons to use probiotics other than the counter the side effects of the abx?
  13. It was the pediatrician that pointed us in this direction. But we had the sweetest, most mild mannered, super bright little guy in the world, and one day, about 3 weeks before his 2nd birthday he turned super aggressive to the kids at school. It was so sudden, we joked about how he must have "gotten the memo" that he was supposed to be gearing up for the terrible twos. We struggled with his anger for a while, thinking it was just that, the terrible twos. The tantrums got worse and worse, and he could no longer work through them at all, sometimes they'd last hours - stopping only when he fe
  14. Our little guy is only 2 1/2, so we've struggled a bit with dicipline as it relates particulalry to his OCD related meltdowns. Tonight, at dinner, he was in a super good mood, laughing and smiling, not freaking about anything (and mealtimes are usually sensitive for us). However, he must have been freebasing pixie sticks at day care or something because he was bouncing off the walls!!! We couldn't get him to sit still and eat for anything. Normally, we'd send him off to time out until he was ready to come join us - even if he didn't eat, he's still required to sit at the dinner table durin
  15. Our Dr. just switched us to a single dose of Azith per day (down from two). We started dropping the AM dose and just going with the evening dose and now we're noticing that what used to be our very rough mornings have now swapped for afternoons. We're going to keep track of his patterns, but I was wondering for any other folks on single dose per day what their preference for time of day is?
  16. Thanks for all the thoughts and feedback, we're stepping down based on the improvment in behavior. I was back in the dr today with my 3 yr old non-PANDAS daughter just to find out she has Mycoplasma. Dr. didn't seem to think we needed to increase my son's abx so we're keeping our fingers crossed!
  17. Had another follow up with our ped. for our 2 year old PANDAS son. He's been on azith for 15 days (after a previous 15 day course with only a few days off in between) He had some real ups and downs this week, with most of his anxieties focused around day care. But the last two days have been near symptom free - no meltdowns and able to curb usual triggers before they set him off. We went into the Dr. armed with the charting I've been doing based on Buster's information (thank you!!) showing his ups and downs. The pediatrician seems to think that he's progressing well, discussed some ps
  18. Unfortunately, it's more of a child care situation than a pre-school situation. Both my husband and I work full time and with my career I can't really afford to be a stay at home mom (although I wonder if that would really be the best for him!!) Abuelo is always an option, but since he lives across town, it wouldn't make much sense for him to drop him off after nap, if he's going to take him it would be all day. We're going in for a follow up with the Dr and this will be my number 1 question to the Dr. (okay, maybe not #1 - but it will be up there!) I'll be armed with all sorts of char
  19. Our pediatrician has treated a few cases and took the same approach with our son - what's the harm with trying the abx first before we look to the more harsh methods of treatment. He's been improving on the abx too - so we've been thankful for what we called his "spaghetti on the wall - see what sticks" diagnosis!
  20. I can't comment on the Biaxin, my son is on Zith which is working for now. But as for telling the school, we did, immediately and I think it was the right call in our situation. Most of his aggression/rages happen at school and it helped them understand what was happening. Our director is also familiar with PANDAS has gone over the symptoms etc with his teahcers and is being extra vigilent on notifying us immediately if a case of strep presents in our PANDAS son's class and even in our non-PANDAS daughter's class. Now that the teachers are more aware of what to look for relating to th
  21. Both my kids were scheduled c-sections due to breech presentation, no other issues or meds at all during pregnancy. My PANDAS son however didn't flip to breech until 37.5 wks after I spent months convincing the Dr. to let me go VBAC with no drugs. I should've known then he'd be my challenging child
  22. We're still plugging away on the abx, and making noticable progress, but the more we track his issues in greater detail, we're seeing a pattern. His most difficult times are in the monrings, getting ready for day care, getting out the door to day care, and our crazy breakfast dance at day care before mommy can leave. He seems okay with the separation - walks me to the door, hugs and kisses, no tears (when he's on the abx anyway) but his teachers are noticing that most of his anxieties and aggressive outbursts are in the morning before nap, and after nap he seems to improve. We've always kno
  23. Our pediatrician told us the same thing 6 months ago when we first raised questions about his "terrible twos" behavior. However, after having a "we're pulling our hair out and the aggression is getting worse" conversation some time later, he looked deeper and diagnosed PANDAS. I can't fault his initial advice because with my son's age it was hard to tell the difference between his PANDAS related OCD fits and a two year old temper tantrum. Now that he's been on abx for a bit, we can tell the difference in his PANDAS tantrums and what we call the "I just want a cookie" fits.
  24. We're in the Tampa area and have a pediatrician that we love. He's been great with the PANDAS diagnosis and has treated other PANDAS cases before. (In fact, even his nurse recognized the symptoms in my son). It may be a little bit of a hike, but he's on the east side of Hillsborough County if you can't find anyone else. Feel free to drop me a private message if you'd like his info! Sandra
  25. Being in a fog was really the only way I could even describe it! Thanks for sharing your experience!
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