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  1. Has anyone ever been to Dr.Jyonouchi? Please pm me,I have a friend with 2 children that have Pans and need someone in their area.
  2. Schizophr Res. 2011 May 4. [Epub ahead of print] Artemisinin reduces the level of antibodies to gliadin in schizophrenia. Dickerson F, Stallings C, Vaughan C, Origoni A, Goga J, Khushalani S, Yolken R. Source Sheppard Pratt, 6501 North Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21204, United States. Abstract OBJECTIVE: To investigate if adjunctive artemisinin, an anti-malarial compound with in vivo activity against Toxoplasma gondii, reduces symptoms or antibodies in schizophrenia. METHOD: N=66 outpatients with schizophrenia were randomized to receive 100mg of artemisinin twice a day or placebo fo
  3. DC mom is your inbox full?Could you pm me,thanks.
  4. Please pm me if you have seen her,thanks
  5. Please pm me if you have seen her,thanks!
  6. We have to take dd7 to hospital.We can't get TPN until next week even though I have been trying to get it this week.Only urinated once since yesterday.Where do we go???PA,NJ,D/C,MD???????
  7. We were hoping to get TPN (Total parental nutrition)started and we can give that thru her IV line.But we don't have it yet and I don't know when we will get it.Maybe Monday?I am thinking we will have to take dd to the hospital again and I hope that someone will have a hospital that has helped.My daughter had her central line put in at GBMC.We live in Pa but I work in MD.I am going to call the GI doctor that Meg recommended but I also think we need to think about a hospital.Steph
  8. I'm so sorry for your son.Our dd7 is afraid that her toys will come out at night and "get her"We offered to take toys out of her room but she didn't want to do that.Most of her toys are downstairs anyway.She knows that they really won't get her but she still has that anxiety.We never knew until she told us a few months ago.It makes me so sad to read another childs story because kids should not have to deal with this.We leave our bathroom light on during the night in our hall so our daughters room is not dark.Sometimes she will wet the bed because she is afraid to get up and other times she wet
  9. Megs mom,thank you!!!!!I will call in the morning.Her site says she is open on Sundays.If she could see us right away it would be great.Does anyone have a ENT that also could help us?DD is supposed to be taking Mepron for the babesia but currently not taking it.(She likes it mixed in vanilla pudding)She is on the Azith 250 mg and the Clinda is 300 mg for the lyme.Dr.Beals was concerned regarding yeast so he added the Flagyl.Then next week she should not take it and take Diflucon every day,Monday to Friday,off the weekend and then back to the flagyl.She will say something smells good but still
  10. Hi Buster,the IVIG #3 was 1.5gm/kg.(Sorry typo)I haven't had much sleep lately.It was done the 2 nd week of August.Sept 2 until 9th she was in the hospital.The ped in the hospital refused to do a ENT consult even though she c/o severe sore throat and was red on one side.Also uvula was long and probably swollen.She has a central line in and is getting IV fluids,Azith on Mon,Wed,Fri and Clinda Tue and Thur.Also this week had a few doses of Flagyl.I have asked about prevacid IV but the doc wanted to hold off.(In August when this started she c/o abd pain and sore throat)If anyone reading this has
  11. I wish that it would work but it doesn't.We have the OCD workbook for kids and how to boss back the ocd but it doesn't help.I did talk to Dr.Bransfield and he said that sometimes with lyme there is a nerve involved and that causes the choking issues.I hope that is not the case!He had one girl and she had to have a J tube(feeding tube you put in the abdomen.)I did talk to him about IV meds and he will order Benadryl or Vistaril.I hope we can get it soon.Thanks for info,Steph(I am thanking God that we have the IV line in!)
  12. Oh,I did get a appt for my poor husband on Tuesday.He is not the type to go to a doc so I hope he can figure out his rash issue.Steph
  13. Thank you,I called and left messages for Dr.Bransfield and Dr.Beals.I asked both about the Benadryl.I haven't heard back yet.I think it is more the fear of choking and still complaining of her throat being scratchy.Are we still making her herx?By giving antibiotics?We don't give any Sat or Sun.She didn't have any Tue because we were in the car to doc appt.we only gave her fluids when we came home to help keep her from getting dehydrated.She has lost 3 pounds in the past week.Her weight was always normal but then gained because of the Orapred.(She was on it for a few months 15 mg a day ordered
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