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  1. Our daughter's tics have been worsening even with dietary changes. The dietary changes help trememdously, she would be far worse without them, but still her disorder is worsening. She is 11. Recently she has been struggling with inappropriate thoughts and inappropriate touching temptations (if you get my drift...). Any thoughts?? I am beside myself and frankly nauseated by it. Also, we've done a lot of the elimination diet with as much success as that will allow. We are ready to begin supplementation. I had been giving her some "Nature Made" brand Magnesium, B complex, and Zinc. Ne
  2. We have looked very closely at the diary thing, super-loaded her on milk with no adverse effects. Why would cheese be "just bad"? It is a natural substance.
  3. Hello, We have been working on my daughter's diet since November with tremendous success in reducing her tics. I have a couple of questions that some folks here might be able to answer for me. First off, we have determined that she is sensitive to gluten, MSG, strong (chemical) smells, and "screen time" (tv/computer). We keep her off of everything artificial food-wise just to play it safe. Ending about a week ago, for about a month in length (or longer) her vocal tics were much more pronounced than they have been since we've been keeping her diet safe. I couldn't figure out w
  4. Hey there, Here is what has led me to believe that Earth Balance may have MSG in it. In the ingredients list it states "natural flavor" according to MSG websites, that is "secret code" for MSG. After the "natural flavor" listing it says in parenthesis (derived from corn, no msg, no alcohol, no gluten) Well, technically there may not be any MonoSodium Glutamate, but the root problem of MSG sensitivity is based on what is called "Free Glutamic Acid". Natural flavor that is derived from corn is probably Free Glutamic Acid. Also, right afterwards is listed "soy protein"...this is another
  5. Thanks Caryn, good info you have there.
  6. Hi there, Thanks for writing. Here's a couple of things I've learned that may help you. One is that MSG goes by around 30 names or so. The food industry hides it because they know people don't want it in their food. There is a website called "Truth in Labeling" that gives you allllll the names of MSG. Your bullion cube probably still has MSG. I'm not sure, but even if the package says "no MSG" it probably does because the troublemaker is rightly called "free glutamic acid" and although they may not technically have "monosodium glutamate" in their product, they may have "free glutamic
  7. Hi there, So, I've got my daughter off of all dairy except for ghee since the bottle claims to be casein free...however it is STILL dairy. So, should I not even do ghee if I'm testing her for casein (which is broader than just testing for "milk")? If I don't use that I don't know what I could use since "earth balance buttery spread" still has some free glutamic acid (aka MSG in disguise) in it. Any insights on ghee?? Thanks! Valerie
  8. Hi folks, I have a question about MSG. I pulled MSG from my daughters diet (along with about 10 other things) more than a month ago. We got her tics to a noticeably reduced state and once it seemed "level" started to intro foods we'd pulled. When I put in MSG (if you want to try this for your own kid, buy "Ac'cent" Seasoning, it's pure MSG) and loaded her up with it, her tics became markedly worse and worse. Okay, so we pull it back out and I find out more dirty little secrets of the food industry (like citric acid!!! GRRR) and am feeding her a "clean diet" as far as the MSG goes. W
  9. Hello Bev! I am so excited you got that book! You won't regret it! It's thick...like a phone book! But don't let the size intimidate you, it's easy reading really, and you can flip around to the parts that really are of interest to you. I did that at first then read it through from the beginning. I am amazed at all I've learned so far. Please let me know what you think of the book and what happens when you try stuff with your son. In Christ, Valerie Thankyou Valerie, I have seen this book and wondered if it was any good - there seems to be a lot of 'bad' advice and 'f
  10. Hi, I have a question about corn if anybody in the know would be willing to share their knowledge with me: My daughter has shown a sensitivity to corn, but it's not extreme. I'm thinking I'd like to keep her away from corn generally but allow it occasionally. What I'm looking to do is keep her total corn load low. What is it about corn that is creating the tic? The reason I'm asking is I'm trying to figure if, say, it's the corn PROTEIN that is the problem, then is corn oil a danger in that regard or not? (I know it's a danger in other ways, but in this regard) How about cor
  11. Hi Bev, Not sure if you've got the book Natural Treatments for Tic Disorders and Tourettes, but this book blew me away in it's vast amount of accessible help for correcting tics naturally. My daughter is 10 and had multiple physical and vocal tics all day long, plus she was hyper, easily angered, hates academics, struggled with anxiety, and was beginning to exhibit some OCD. We tried 2 meds and didn't see any improvement. We figure she'd have to take something stronger, but then we found this wonderful book. The diet thing is so huge in tracking down what might be triggering
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