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  1. Hi everyone, My son was recently diagnosed with TS in December, it came on very sudden. It started with a tongue movement, then an eye, next his neck, & then out of nowhere the swear words came. He is 6 years old & he had 7-12 motor & verbal tics a minute , even in school. It took many phone calls to get him seen by a neurologist within 2 weeks. They put him on Clonidine, we ended up on .1mg twice a day, the tics were better, he could get through his days at school with minimal swearing, but he would also fall asleep during reading time, & in the car & whenever he was sitting. The doctor switched his medication because of his sleeping. We now are on Clonazepam .5 twice a day, I don't know yet what this is going to do yet, because we just started, but there is a twist. My son not only has severe TS, he also has ADHD, in seeing a doctor for that today, they put him on Concerta for that 18mg 1time a day for first week & twice a day thereafter. This pill is a stimulant so it may cause more tics, which scares me. There is a drug that is not a stimulant called Strattera, but it is a new drug with many side affects with no long term testing. My husband & I are overwhelmed, scared, angry,& frustrated at this point. Does anyone have any comments about or similar stories that may help me? I see some of you are using diet & natural supplements for your kids, I was wondering if it works on a severe case of TS, & does anyone have a good book they go by for the diet? Need help with my beautiful Blue eyed son! Jewlz
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