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  1. ritalin is indeed a drug that should be played with to find the right dose. YMMV. a responsible doctor will typically start at the lowest possible dose and work their way up from there to avoid the side effects
  2. I stumbled across this forum and see that it has many questions related to medications. There is an outstanding resource that I thought might help readers a great deal - the full list of adhd medications - it actually explains EVERY single adhd medication out there! it was so helpful to me.
  3. joined just so i could share these links with the readers...health and life has some of the best writing on adhd medications out there, including its full list of adhd medications explained - which claims to mention all(!) the current treatments for adhd! definitely worth checking out for the curious
  4. this is the best article I have found online on the subject - it doesn't cover all the long term side effects of adderall but gets most: long term effects of adderall
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