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  1. Do we only shift to non dairy IF THERE IS A POSITIVE ALLERGY/SENSATIVITY TESTING or is it good practice to lessen ticks regardless? and if so should we go to soy or rice milk with cereal ?? does that mean cheese is out? as in pizza?? all white flour items are bad? such as white break, pizza, cookies etc? thanks
  2. Has anyone had success with behavorial modification therapies(not sure if right term) I have read about things like "habit reversal techniques etc" One of my boys habits was putting his hands on a upper body part in a certain manner, i asked him to try a diff motion that was close to what he was doing but something i felt was much more discreet. He actually had some success. the initial tic didn't go away but i feel it "may" be less times being done as now some of them seem to be replaced with new motions we worked on....wondering if anyone out there has not told a kid to "stop" ticking but educated them how to tweak teh motion a bit to make it more discreet??
  3. I have kids 10/12. both get great grades, great in sports and very social. One child in last 6 months starting hand movement tics about 4 diff motions and also repeats words from TV sayhs them 3-10 times Other started a face movement that lasted few days few mmotnhs ago then last 2months some vocal llight sounds..then recently non stop vocal sounds with mouth movements. he also recently was prescribbed an allegy med .. think ZIRTEC (sp?) I the father have a childhood history of tics, not sure if tics or TS but assume TS. Questions. 1) If i have NO intention of doing drugs and plan on looking into new diet plan first, then supplements next, prob behavorial therapies or maybe biofeedback next do i really need to know/diagnos WHICH is the issue ?? meaning tics, ocd or TS as i am assuming the diet plans apply to all, please correct me if i am wrong?? 2) next...i realize diff things work for diff peopel but is there a best "first steps" on what to eliminate/look into that seems to be consistent with majority of posters. i am seeing people cut back on dairy, sugar, caffeeine, artificial ingredients, apples, grapes, salys etc. Is there any broad studies, clincial studies or tons of cases of a consistent approach for me to start with??? i am very nervous to start somethign just because 10 people postedit worked for them...i am trying to be as logical as possible, willing to take risks/steps but information obviously is power.. 3) also my past doctor freinds alwasy advise us wheat bread is so much healthier then white bread am i hearing that i should AVOID wheat bread for my kid OR is this only if they have tested allergeic to wheat? thank you so much.... i managed to get through my entire childhood till current 40 somethign age with tics...but i recall being made fun of, being so frustrated like ti was my fault i couldnt' stop them, scard girls would not like me etc etc. interesting enough, i made it through have a million friends, very successful in biz, so i k know they can get through it i just dont' want it to be as hard as it was for me..
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