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  1. I used to do that in the past, but was more of an odd/even thing. Would move my tongue back and forth along my bottom teeth to count. Weird, I know. LOL My daughter, when probably 10 years old, could alphabetize letters in a word before we could get started - another OCD thing, I'm sure. She's 17 now and when we ask her to try it now, she claims she doesn't do it anymore. She got tired of us quizzing her, I'm sure.
  2. My daughter, 9 years old, told me out of the blue yesterday that she's good at alphabetizing the letters in words. She wanted me to give her some words and she would show me. She blew me away! She can alphabetize as fast as we can spell. I had my 2 older kids, 16 & 18 (A students) go up against her and they couldn't even get the first letter out before she was done. I asked how long she has been able to do this and she said for about 2 years! She says sometimes that's all she can think about in her mind while the teacher is talking. She is a good student but has a hard time with reading comprehension and I'm guessing this is the reason. And I admit, when she told me this, OCD did come to mind which is a concern.
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