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  1. I see it's been a while since your post. How is your son doing since being on the supplements? I'm curious. My son went to his first session with neurofeedback last week and again next week. We have begun with the supplements but of course it's a wait and see. Thanks, Monica
  2. Yes, do get a blood test done. The pediatrician that we had for over 16 years never mentioned doing any blood tests on my kids. We visited a new pediatrician and she right away requested one. My soon to be 13 year old son is 5'9 at 115 lbs. She just wanted to make sure that everything was okay. The results showed nothing was abnormal. I would have never thought because he went through puberty at a very early age that he should be looked at. He started puberty at 9 years old. Thin mustache at 9! That is the age we started noticing the tics come and go. They hit strong last year in Sep
  3. I wonder if it will last a while after you have stopped. I'm also in the process of doing the 'elimination' diet. My son started exhibiting vocal tics/OCD after a fever in Sept. 09. After seeing several doctors that have prescribed antibiotics to treat for possible PANDAS the tics/OCD never went away completely. So I stopped them. Last Monday out of the blue I made him stop putting an artificial sweetner, my son loves, in his iced tea. His vocal tics stopped within a day. What a shocker... that evening I was online researching like a nut. Now we are all on this diet and BOY my head hur
  4. My son will be 13 in May and he can control his tics in school. BUT when he's in a quiet class he'll get a little anxious and that's when his work is affected. His tics and OCD came on suddenly in Sept '09. He has described to me that the vocal tic he does is related to something he's repeating in his head. So it's a word he's repeating and it eventually comes out as a vocal tic. It's controlled at school but when he's at home he let's loose with the vocal tics and OCD. At least he jokes about it. He said his OCD keeps him from cleaning his room.
  5. For my 12 yr old son it is the guitar. He taught himself how to play two summers ago on YouTube. He started with his tics/OCD in September '09. After all this time trying to figure out what is going on, the guitar has helped him. I even have him taking classical guitar lessons. He still has a defiant attitude of not wanting to take them but after every lesson he's glad he took it. He's now on CEFDINIR 300 mg twice a day. AMOX-CLAV 875 mg twice a day didn't work out. He was starting to feel rage come on and he told me. This kid is very passive ... someone who's a peace maker. He wa
  6. I can say I've seen honey heal wounds. My former mother-in-law was a diabetic and had had foot surgery. Doctors treated her wound with honey after each cleaning twice a day. The foot healed. No evidence of anything ever happening. I thought back then how 'third world' because this was in Mexico. After reading about what honey could do I was convinced that it was anti-bacterial. For the diaper rash... my daughter (17 yrs old).. my oldest of my two kids... would get an awful rash as a baby. A co-worker recommended that I use Lotrimin and it WORKED! I would only apply it once a day be
  7. I met a nice and very intelligent young lady (17 yrs old) about two weeks ago. She and I happened to start discussing about my son's symptoms (tics/OCD). Turns out that she has had tics in the past. She also revealed that when she was around 6 yrs old she wasn't eating so she wasn't gaining weight. It took them a while to find a doctor that figured out what was going on. She doesn't know what it was because she was so young when she was treated. Antibiotics were prescribed and helped. She is cured. There is hope for us all.
  8. This will be interesting to find out how it goes. I'm thinking of going on this same diet... along with foods that are anti-fungal. I guess it's all tied together. My son (12 yrs old) is thinking he might go on it too. His vocal tics/OCD isn't severe but he said anything that can help. We'll see.. 'cause he loves his fastfood. He's 5'9 at 120 lbs and never gains weight. Now at this age I think I'll have a big struggle in getting him to change but he says he'll try it. Crossing my fingers that everything turns out fine for your daughter. Lots of strength for you and your husband.
  9. I'm right there with you on the Ritalin thing.
  10. Yes.. they said they would. The swab was done today. ADVIL - I gave him 3 yesterday, the first time doing this. (He's 5'8 at 120 lbs) I had given him 2 last Thursday but we didn't see a difference. We noticed that his tics went away with the 3 I gave him. It took about 30-45 mins to kick in but we noticed that his tics did stop. He does a zzzz sound... like he's saying sexy. I gave him two this morning for his headache but we were rushing to go to the doctor.... I didn't catch anything if anything did happen. It's hard giving this kid anything because he doesn't like taking meds.
  11. I do think it may have something to do with my slacking off of the fish oil and pro-biotics.---I've gotta get back on the ball! Has this helped? I'm new at this so I'm still gathering info.
  12. I am also trying to get a diagnosis. My 12 yr old son started with his tics right after he became sick back in Sept. The whole enchilada.. ticks, OCD .. obsessive thoughts. Not himself at all. Just suddenly he was this person we didn't know. I finally took him to his pediatrician. He said it wasn't PANDAS (he doesn't believe PANDAS exists) so he sent us to a child neuro. He said it was TS. That he had a mild case. Today I took him to the dr again because of a sore throat and fever. BUT late last week I noticed his tics coming on strong. Just suddenly. Then yesterday he woke u
  13. Dd was a week on 1000mg of regular Augmentin then we upped it to 2000mg augmentin xr. its been 3 weeks on the higher dose. she's had PANDAS for 3 years though, but she had a couple really long spells in the middle where things were mostly controlled. This fall is the worst exacerbation ever and it was just a month ago that i figured out it was pandas. This is the first antibiotic she's ever been on in her whole life. She is 13. We started Advil a few days before Augmentin and she drastically improved right away on the Advil. Then we added Augmentin and I did not see more improvemen
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