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  1. I would say that Feingold is worth it. When my oldest son started obvious tics 2 years ago my mantra was 'no stone unturned' for that little guy. Feingold helped start us down the path for Zack and really shed light on the issues we had. Feingold is about removing salicylates from your diet and I remember when Zack had a hand full of grapes and his tics went crazy -- I tell you it was right then that I knew we were dealing with something that was overwhelming his system. A lot of the feingold things are already used by most on the forum - no preservatives, colours, artificial sweeteners etc. We had stopped the feingold when we went to the naturopath but Zack got steadily worse and we shifted back to the feingold, now we use it as a guide more or less but I am definitely glad we did get it.
  2. Hey guys -- I haven't posted in a while but I have had a couple things that I thought I would bounce off you guys. About a month ago my 5 year old started ticcing; which is right around the same age that my 8 year old started ticcing. The issue for me is that the 8 year old is adopted and the 5 year old is not, and we have no family history of any tic disorders on either side. We had basically chalked up Zack's issues to his unknown genetics but know believe that may not be the case. We found some mold in our basement and are having that removed right now. Has anyone had any experience with mold or thought that mold toxins or some other environmental toxin could be a cause or catalyst to any of your kids or family members tics? I also have a 6 year old that has had no tic issues to date. We had put all 3 of the kids on the feingold diet when the oldest developed his tics. Dietary changes have helped in the past but don't solve the problem. Supplements help but also don't solve the problem. There are signs that point to poor detoxification and lowered immune function -- but no matter what I have read or looked at I always feel like I am missing some key piece to this puzzle. Dairy free diet made no change, gluten free made no change however wheat does seem to be tolerated worse than say rye bread is. Anyway, thanks for reading and as always any input is appreciated.
  3. Hi Kat and welcome to the forum, it is exceptional. My son is just about 8 and we have had tics for about a year and a half. My approach to Zack is to have no stone unturned and I have tryed alot of things!! The best things for us have been adding the magnesium supplement (the kids calm) and changing our diet to the Feingold diet -- no artificial colours, preservatives etc -- I remember when he was on a different diet and we gave him a handful of red grapes and his tics went crazy, since we have been on the diet more or less. I also found that the Jarrow 1-3 multi vitamin has been a good vitamin as most vitamins had very little B vitamin content. It's a long and frustrating path but you will find things that help you guys and this forum contains amazing information. Best of luck, Craig
  4. Hi Chris, The feingold diet in an nutshell is to remove artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives and foods high in salicylates -- egs are berries, apples, red grapes, oranges, peppers, tomatos etc. It is closely related to the Phenol Sulfotransferase (PST) deficiency in which some kids have difficulty metabolizing and eliminating phenols (which the salicylates are a type of). We have found that the Feingold diet and magnesium supplements have been very positive. I am looking at ways to improve efficiency of the phenol sulfotransferase right now -- there are a number of options, I just haven't decided which path to start with yet -- but likely will involve changing his B , vitamin levels and adding NAC, glycine and glutamine. I am also looking at some herbs to help with liver detox -- specifically dandelion and schizandra chinensis, but I haven't decided which order to do things in.
  5. Just my own thought here. I read somewhere in the myriad of information over the last year that that certain EMF exposure -- whether it was fluorescent lights or t.v. screens, etc., caused an increase in the rate of yeast growth versus normal bacteria. I think that aberrant pheno sulfo transferase (feingold diet -- salicylate issues) may have difficulty dealing with increased toxins from increased yeast growth. I have been reading some of Bonnie Grimaldi's info from like 1996 and am trying to follow the effect this might have with different neurotransmitters, but right now I am still trying to weed through it all.
  6. Hi Megan, I don't know the specifics of your case, but it sounds like my son may be similiar. I would really look at the feingold diet and the effect of salicylates. It made a big difference for us, the clue for us came when Zack was doing realy well then had about 5 red grapes and went ballistic. I found the naturopath for us was a little off for Zack. He was eating blueberries and raspberries like no tomorrow and was out of control. Chemar -- what does the Royal Jelly give you?? I haven't read it anywhere, TIA
  7. I don't have any experience with the IPod, but my sons tics are affected by his nintendo DS -- we noticed his first tics last year while playing on it, not really sure what the connection is there.
  8. Hi Bev, My sons first symptoms (well after the ADD that we missed for I don't know how long) was the head/neck tics. We supplemented him with magnesium after information I found on the forum and it helped quite a bit. Also, as a Chiropractor, I adjust my son every week and I have started following the patients that I have with tics to see if there are commonalities in their biomechanics -- I would ask your therapist to focus on the upper neck and suboccipitals. I have had one patient specifically that has said adjusting his jaw or TMJ has been very beneficial as well. I sure hope your son has a quick improvement from those neck tics. Craig
  9. Jewlz, Hello and I hope you can find some relief for your son asap. My sons tics began when he was 6 as well, but I know his ADD issues were there long before that -- I always would tell my wife that Zack was oblivious to the universe and he was quite clumsy as well. We had a fair bit of success with the Magnesium for Zack's head/neck tics. I would also start eliminating as many preservatives, dyes and sugar out of your diet as you can. This forum has been an incredible source of information and support for my wife and I. I would just start going through the different threads and start following different 'leads'. We saw a homeopath and he has helped some with the ADD but not really with the tics. The television aggravates Zacks tics so we don't watch much tv right now. We are going to start a probiotic and Candida Clear program to check that path out. Our prayers our with you, but don't lose hope. I also ordered Sheila Rogers book and it was excellent.
  10. Thanks for the help you guys. I will give Zack 1/2 dosage. Michael -- did you take both of them together? Did you have any issues taking either of the supplements? Chemar -- I know you had success with the Candida Clear -- which is why it is my first choice -- would you give a probiotic with the Candida Clear or after you have gone through the die off period? Thanks guys Craig
  11. I just ordered the Candida Clear and the Candex for my 7 year old -- going to try the candida clear first and have the candex as a second choice. Just wondering what dosage I would give him. If anyone who has used these products could weigh in with the dosages that they have found to be the most effective it would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  12. Hello all, I am thinking that my 7 year old may have a Candida issue here. I have looked through some of the other threads and saw the Candida Clear was mentioned as a treatment. We have Zack on a probiotic and oil of oregano, but I was wondering if anyone has information on a liquid treatment (basically we have capsule issues). I have read up on Nystatin and threelac and I would prefer another option as I do suspect leaky gut. Thank you for any help.
  13. Cheri -- Thanks for your post. I went through your supplements that you use and found it very fascinating. I was at a conference a few weeks ago that went over a number of those supplements and I will have to re-read my information to catch up on all the different mechanisms. I was interested with the epsom salts bath bit at the end. Last February my son was in a hockey tournament right after he had turned 6. We had not noticed any tics yet as they surfaced in May, but Zack had significant ADD issues for quite awhile. After the 2nd of 3 games that Saturday we went home and my wife gave Zack an epsom salts bath and for the 3rd game he played his best game of the year and got the 'Hustler' award from the coach after the game. Also we put Zack on a fish oil omega 3 supplement when we were trying to combat his low iron levels before his tics -- I might look into the flaxseed or borage alternatives. Carolyn -- I was very impressed with your histamine theory post, I read it via a link in another thread, I believe you said vitamin C will reduce histamine levels -- have you noticed any other supplements reduce histamine levels? Thanks, Craig
  14. Carolyn -- Wow, I think that was the most impressive post I have read on a forum in my life. I never thought about Histamine before. I know my son has developed a very strong allergy to cats over the last year and alot of those histamine foods from your link are big on his diet. I will have to ask my wife if she noticed Zack's tics dropping if he had benadryl for allergies. I read your post less than 5 minutes ago and I know I am probably going to have to go over it a few more times yet to take it in! Thanks, Craig
  15. Thank you for such a quick response. NUCCA is an upper cervical specific technique that I find very fascinating, specifically in cervical assessment. I treat children with a mechanical adjustment which I can set for a very light manouver -- due to the high level of cartilage that children have structurally. Children generally respond very quickly to treatment. My son is adopted and we have been unable to determine any heredity for TS to date, although I do anticipate that being his medical diagnosis come next May. Do you use any of Bonnie's other supplements?
  16. I am a chiropractor and I have never heard of a TMJ connection with tics or TS before I saw it on the forum here, but I find it very interesting. I have been out of school for 10 years so I may have missed some research as well. I know from adjusting my 6 year old on Sunday that he had some massive spasm at the top of his neck on the right that may be affecting or being affected by his TMJ. I will start assessing and treating his TMJ and let you guys know how it goes. As well I have another patient who I believe is around 11 and has all of my son Zack's symptoms exactly (amazing how you see it in other kids once you see it in your own) including the ADD and anxiety -- I will assess his TMJ as well. I would not underestimate the potential of TMJ involvement here as I have seen very profound headaches and impairment due to TMJ and upper neck involvement in adults over the years.
  17. Hello all, I would like to start by thanking everyone who contributes to this forum -- it is an incredible wealth of knowledge and support to all of us parents who are looking for answers when our kids are blindsided with tics or TS. I have been following the forum for a number of months as my 6 year old son developed motor tics in May this year. He has the head/neck tic and some shoulder shrug style tics. We have added a magnesium supplement and it really helped alot with the head/neck tics although we recently have had a flair up. I believe he also has significant ADD issues and significant anxiety issues as well. Interestingly enough I believe the tics bother my wife and I more than they bother Zack -- but the ADD probably causes him more issues. We have modified our diet quite extensively and that has not seemed to make much change although if he gets into candy or sugar snacks it can amplify things. Just had Zack to a homeopath and a naturopath appointment is in February, I would be interested in feedback on experiences with those professions. I am also thinking about ordering the TS-control supplements from Bonnie Grimaldi and was wondering what people mix the supplements in (no way he handles capsules) and if anyone uses any of the other products she sells. By the way I am a Chiropractor and am going to post on the TMJ issue, if anyone has questions about chiropractors or our treatments I would be happy to answer. Thanks again to the amazing members and contributors on this site. Craig
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