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  1. I can totally relate to this horrible "Breathing Tic", my son who is 15 now started this tic in 7th grade. It was so scary, he could not do anything but try and breath. Every 3 to 4 second 24/7 he would gasp in for air. I would stay awake every night with him until he was so exhausted he would just pass out around 2:oo in the mornings. When he finally did pass out his breathing was so shallow that I would put my hand on his chest just to see if he was still breathing. He could not go back to school, nor concentrate on anything. I have searched high and low for someone who can relate to this horrendous tic. My son told me he cannot believe he has to go through life trying to breathe. I hope you are still out there and see my post I would so like to hear from you and if any progress has taken place for your child. So, sorry that you also have to suffer like me to watch your child not be able to breathe without constant disruption is so hard!
  2. Hello, I am posting this in hopes of finding others who have experienced severe "Breathing Tics". My son who was diagnosed in 3rd grade with TS, developed a horrible Breathing Tic in 7th grade. The tic has been debilitating to the point he is no longer in school due to the distraction of just trying to catch his breath every 3 to 4 seconds 24/7. I have not seen nor heard of anyone during my Web searches who also has TS and this extreme Tic. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you.
  3. My son was diagnosed with TS in 3rd grade. I had a real hard time accepting that it was Tourettes. I never even heard of it before. I sometimes go back and think about what could have happened. I still to this day wonder if by taking him to the dentist and him doing Pulpotomy's on some of his teeth caused this since shortly after he started with a wrist jerk. I read that the teeth have nerve pulp that feeds the dopamines in the the Basil Ganglia of the brain. By taking the nerves out I wonder if it could have caused this. My son has gone through a lot of tics from wrist jerking, shoulder jerking, hopping and even the swearing vocal tic. He had a horrible breathing tic that was like an asthma attack. I didn't know what to do, but wait it out with him. Now he has this snorting tic that seems to be brought on with his congestion on one side of his nose and it automatically makes him snort. Npw I am wondering if he has a sinus problem causing this tic. He doesn't have health insurance right now since my husbands employer stopped insuring them and they had to turn to private health insurance. Not one health insurance company will insure our child because he has tics. They are so ignorant to the fact that there is nothing you can do for Tourettes and so your not even taking them to see the Dr. anymore than most children see a Dr. in the first place. I don't understand why there hasn't been some sort of breakthrough for Tourettes. Our children would be so happy if it would just stop! There is nothing that can be done from what I have read the medicines are for other disorders and are only a sort of ginny pig therapy to something they aren't even made for, but to see if they help. It's like giving you stomach ache medicine for your sore back. I just registered with latitudes hoping to find others out there who know what we have been going through. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you are out there for support.
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