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  1. I think I would like to try this multivitamin for my teenage son. His tics are mild but have vamped up a bit during these past 2 weeks of school. More blinking, hand sniffing and hmmm hmmm. I think he is able to mostly suppress it at school or let it go during passing periods when no one is really watching. Currently is is just taking 2 500mg NOW Krill oil. My questions about Kirkmans Does the unflavored powder dissolve completely and leave no flavor/grittiness in his juice. If I went for the capsules, does anyone know what size they are? Does everyone order it from Kirkmanlabs.c
  2. Great news about this afternoon's ticcing. I think we call can relate to watching our children, I often will notice a new tic a day before my son brings it up. Can I ask a few questions. 1. Is there any history of TS in other family members? 2. Is your son still taking tenex? 3. How much does your son weigh and how much Natural Calm do you give him? Thanks you again for the recap.
  3. Thank you lmcgill for the update. Did your son show any signs of digestive problems prior to going gluten free, or did you just try gluten-free to see if it would eliminate the tics? We've tried magnesium/natural calm, no change, but I'm somehow brainwashed into continuing using it, can't hurt. Taurine, stopped using this, I think it actually brought on a vocal tic/lip smacking, now gone. 5htp, again, not helping tics, but my son doesn't object to taking this multi, vitamin C and omega gummies We tried HFCS and dairy free for 2 weeks and didn't see any change either. My next
  4. Thanks everyone. My son does take 25 mg 5htp in the evenings and another 25mg (1/4 tablet each) in the morning. In my researching and talking with our vitamin specialist, 5htp was recommended for anxiety related tourettes. At least for my son, his tics definitely are exacerbated by any stress/new situations/anxiety, however for the most part, it does not inhibit his daily functioning, it only comes out as tics. He is not completely tic-free at home, but much less so. For example, as we're driving to a function, or sitting at the first parent meeting of drivers ed, my son will be
  5. Thanks Laurensmom, Does anyone know, of the above supplements listed, which need time to build up in his system by taking it regularly, before we start to notice any improvements and which work well as an "as needed" supplement. I forgot to add that my son also takes a gummy multi vitamin and a gummy omega. I am looking to find "better quality" multi and omega that he may not mind taking. He also eats a handful of shelled pumpkin seeds from Trader Joes for added magnesium, which we'll continue during the summer. I also just bought roasted, shelled sunflower seeds, in hope it p
  6. With summer break approaching, I was thinking of easing off of some supplements, mostly to make sure my DS15 doesn't become immune to their effectiveness. In addition, if his tics should increase, then my hope is that he won't make a fuss about taking the supplements again, when school starts up. My son has mild to moderate facial tics on a daily basis. They used to disappear from November-January, but not for the past 2 years. He also had mild exhaling through his nose onto a closed fist at times and an occasional quick neck movement. The eye blinking bothers him the most, not in a
  7. Here is a report, when I googled histamines and tics dated May 5, 2010. From Medscape Medical News Potential Role for Histamine Identified in Tourette's Syndrome Emma Hitt, PhD Authors and Disclosures May 5, 2010 — A potential role for histaminergic neurotransmission has been identified in the condition underlying Tourette's syndrome and nervous tics, according to the findings of a genetic analysis published online May 5 in the New England Journal of Medicine. "This is the first observation of a link between histaminergic neurotransmission and tics in humans and one of
  8. Thanks Chemar for your update. It looks like you have reduced the number of pills/supplements greatly. My 15 y/o son, 115 lbs, has mild/moderate facial tics and hand sniffing with mild anxiety/OCD. No adhd, no food allergies. Genetic tourettes. Grandfather and 2 male cousins have mild tics and/or OCD too. He's been on 400 mg (2 caplets/day) of vitamin shoppe brand magnesium citrate for a month now. Truthfully, I have not seen any improvement, but we will continue with it. No loose stool from it. Given daily. 1-500 mg tablet country life Taurine w/ B6, my son says he feel
  9. Thank you Cheri, I've read many of your posts and thank you for all your researching and sharing! One other question, my son doesn't have any sleep problems. He's a sound sleeper from 10:30pm-6:45am. Do you still think I should have him take natural calm in the evenings? His main issue are various facial tics, blinking one eye then the other followed by a grimacing of sorts and exhaling through his nose into each fist. When he was younger, he had burping, hand rotating, the common hmm hmm and neck/head twirling. He would like to be able to control/suppress these tics during the scho
  10. Hello everyone, thank you for the invaluable information on this forum! I have a 15 y/o son with tourettes and some mild anxiety, ocd, shyness. I've just been reading this forum for 2 days and decided to try magnesium to lessen his tics. My son drinks milk and eats cheese regularly, so I don't plan on supplementing his calcium at this time. He also takes the multi vitamin, gummy vite, which I buy at costco. Currently trying 5htp, but I haven't noticed any change. I will stop the 5htp when we start the magnesium at first. Few questions, 1. Is there a difference in effectiveness
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