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    evemac got a reaction from Sunflower78 in New and heartbroken , can anyone talk to me?   
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is a community of support who can and will listen and understand what you're going through, direct you to resources, tell you what has worked for them (elimination of gluten for us for sure), and give you hope.  That was about the same time my son's tics started, and it has been a long, fascinating journey.  If this is any comfort, he is presently a thriving 15 year old who plays football, is the deepest thinker I've ever met, kind and empathetic to others, and a most marvelous human being.  As far as the guilt goes, that is tough, but  I try to remember that we are all complex creatures who have genetically inherited strengths, talents and qualities that can make life a little more challenging.  And that is true for all of us, whether it manifests as something extrinsically or not.
    Hang in there.  We understand.
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    evemac got a reaction from Cristo-Krista in Tics or tourettes   
    I know it's hard not to despair, but my son who is now 14 was diagnosed when you was 5.  We did so much for him: diet/vitamin protocol, Occupational therapy, chiropractic work, meds, CBIT, and I would say to some extent, all of these interventions helped.  He feels pretty comfortable talking about having Tourettes and while he did have some difficulty with peers on occasion and I had to actually request a 504 by 8th grade to deal with the dysgraphia, I also give his teachers a well written article on disinhibition and what that could look like in class.
    I think advocacy and self-advocacy is important to our children with TS.  Unfortunately, people still don't really understand it but the best news is is my son has gone through this and is a strong academic and athlete and what's even more important than that is that he likes who he is!

    Keep up the good fight.  I remember crying at night with him when he was ticcing so hard he couldn't sleep.  I have been there! You are not alone!
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