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  1. Rachel thank you so much for this! I'm listening to it now.
  2. for those that missed it http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/chronic-lyme-disease-what-you-need-to-know/17wnx6lma?cpkey=a0abe1e1-76a7-47d4-85f1-b718f15310a1%257c%257c%257c%257c
  3. Cannaboid OIl-RESULTS!

    http://www.medicaljane.com/2014/05/28/study-cannabidiol-cbd-may-help-treat-social-anxiety-disorder/ CBD in cannabis which is what is being used in Charlottes web on kids in Colorado is not the same as Hemp CBD. It is also not psychoactive, yet has small amounts of THC and can upset the stomach. dosing should be slow and organic tinctures only but it works http://steephilllab.com/thcv-the-sports-car-of-cannabinoids/ there are over 80 cannibinoids in the cannabis plants being isolated for a variety of medical uses. http://patients4medicalmarijuana.wordpress.com/medical-use-of-cannabis-video/marijuana-tincture/ http://www.mtgseeds.com/about/ http://www.medicaljane.com/2013/11/25/unconventional-foundation-for-autism-advocates-for-families/
  4. http://www.medicaljane.com/2014/05/28/study-cannabidiol-cbd-may-help-treat-social-anxiety-disorder/ CBD in cannibis is not to be confused with cbd in hemp http://steephilllab.com/thcv-the-sports-car-of-cannabinoids/
  5. Ok you ladies I have my heAd spinning now reading all the latest threads as I've not been on in a bit and I have brain gig and short term memory issues (see below) My dd11 Kawasaki's PANDAS kid , c677t homozygous, (and I) have both been sick intermittent. Mold was a issue in our house in Seattle. Like SFmom they ripped open a wall in August to find black and white mold. I had been sick for toe years with bizarre ailments. Dd was holding her own due to incredible naturopath. Moved to Santa Cruz, both if us have been consistently ill. I have hAd a bizarre rash show around my thyroid every other month for seven months. Brain fog, exhaustion, night sweats, weight gain (I never gain in last four months +12 pounds zero energy normally work out 3x a a week) gut issues, swollen joint. I kept Attributing it to stress, thyroid (I'm hypo) and menopause (forced early onset by a mirena IUD years ago that have me recurrent strep and UTI bouts had to see infectious disease Dic month long and course) Dd has been sick every month with a cold. January /feb pneumonia asked doctor could it be mycoplasma (we have new gecko and new pet rats) he just hit her with antibiotic. Dd started having major joint pains and muscle aches etc in January. Read about pain and doctor prescribed omnicef doc put her in Monday at my in distance. Called back Tuesday as she was 102 cough snotty, asked for mycoplasma fix said not necessary. Question how do they test for mycoplasma? Blood, sputum, what do I insist be tested? Can we be passing back and forth? Will the antibiotic schew the test results now that she's been on for four days? Strep keeps showing negative. Could it be new kids at new school? (Small only 40 kids) considering homeschool at this point as it's been too hArd in her system. Anyone have GOOD doctors in bay area thAt are proactive in treatment protocol? On wait list for July for Stanford PANS clinic Seeing Amy at North hill integrative in Petaluma who has a pandas kid and is Pandas director there next week will discuss possible Lyme, etc. which we've not broached either. Should i have new animals tested ? Any guidance HELP! Or assistance is much appreciated!
  6. Help with PANS

    Julia- WhAt does GCMAF stand for and how did you address bacteria and fungal prior?! We just moved from a house with mold. Dd still suffering monthly illnesses.
  7. Tonsils and adenoids
  8. possible pandas ?

    Also check your probiotic make sure it does not have streptococcus in it as some PANS, PANDAS kids react.
  9. I'm going. My DD is 11. Kawasaki's and PANDAS. Moved from San Fran to San Antonio (KD DX) to Seattle (pANS DX) just moved back to NorCal area again. Let's meet up there?
  10. Electromagnetic Radiation

    Nancy did you get the srt3 for your DS and has it made a marked improvement? I JUST connected the dots on my DD...everytime we would come down here to visit California she would have horrible stomache aches at night right as she was lying down. The only cure for her would be to sit in a hot shower steamingit out for over a hour. I finally realized it's the EMT's!!! Geez better late then never.
  11. Michael- question for you. Did you test for EMF's after you installed the Harmonizer, and cell guards?
  12. My DD is a Kawasakis, Pandas (I think PITAND) and double c677t MTHFR, would not sleep in her old room in Redmond, WA. Same as the laptop story above, each time I asked why she said she did not now but the room made her sick. Her amazing ND, Dr. Kim Kacoroski in Kirkland Washington told me three years ago take all electronic devices out of her sleeping environment. She also said to pick up the salt lamps for her room and her computer devices. She also told me of a environmental shield spray that she gave me to spray all around my house inside and out after the Tsunami in Japan because it was inevitable our environment and water would be effected. The spray would help the climate, terrain, plant life and the animals to survive since the radiation would deplete many things. Having a good outside and inside environment would benefit my DD. It worked. We lived in a residential development of garden style homes. Our small yard was blossoming and suddenly mallard ducks were showing up on our lawn to nest. Bees were everywhere. bunnies, baby bunnies, raccoons, squirrels, woodpeckers, blue jays, hummingbirds, all living in harmony on our little itty bitty lawn and shrubs. I will have to get back to you with the post on the exact product. She had me put uranium nutricum 30 c and radium bromatum 200c 2-3 tablets of each into the environmental mixture she gave me and spray. My DD's amazing OT JacQueline Watson Bellevue, WA told me two years ago about the GIA Wellness chips and to put them on everything like Michael is saying. She said it helped her with everything including her skin rashes. We also found out two months ago that the very nice high end house we were living in did indeed have mold and had to be remediated. Five years later, we have moved to a new home in Santa Cruz, CA. I thought what could be better we are at the beach, fresh air, get away from the mold.....wrong. Thank goodness I read this thread again. We moved into a townhouse development. I'm sure I need to shield everything. I'm sure the neighbors are all plugged in! We moved in with her dad and he is a hi tech gadget kind of guy. EVERYTHING is wireless. EVERY room has something including those pod chargers everywhere! Ironically her school which is unplugged said "we notice she makes noises (vocal tics)" and her father just the other day said "I notice she's ticking (eye blinking) more then I've ever seen her do it before since moving here." Bottom line, it's back to shielding, unplugging, etc. Thanks for all the links, tips and reminders!
  13. Immuno Appt yesterday

    First, I'm glad to hear that she is improving! I pray you have a peaceful blessed Thanksgiving. Have you seen Doctor Kim Kacoroski, Dr Keller's Homeopathic friend? I went to her today and she spent 1.5 hours with Belle. She did muscle testing, etc. What she said was very similar to what this Immuno guy said to you. She said my dd's issues are at the cellular and membrane outside the cell level. She said my dd's primary issues are inflammation, digestive and anxiety. She did not find "strep" in her or any "virus." She said that dd was another "cool kid" (Keller's nickname for these kids that are out of the box) and that my dd really wants to heal herself. She believes it will happen pretty quickly for my dd. She gave us six different remedies. The ones for the three primary issues I mentioned she said were "acute" and have to be taken 5 times a day. We see her again next week. and the following week. She is proposing we will see huge improvements in my dd in the next two weeks but that follow up will be ongoing and remedies will be quickly changing as dd heals. She mentioned in my dd's case not moving forward with IVIG for two months but rather take it slow and steady and keep testing as the remedies start working. She said my dd's issues with OCD, Tics, processing, fine motor and behavior will start fading as the inflammation rememdy begins working. She gave me a remedy for the cells to because she said my dd was blocked and nothing was gettign in, especially the magnesium she needs to stop the tics. She takes our insurance, just not for the actual supplements and remedies. She also recommended a chiropractor that Keller knows, Dr. Gross, that works at the neuro cellular level. He has been doing work with kids on the spectrum, people with PSTD from Vietnam, including himself and is making marked improvements with his patients.
  14. Immunologist

    Currently my DD6.5 is seeing her Pediatrician who will treat her and do testing. She is also with a OT and a Homeopath. Just trying to find out, how many of you go to a Immunologist and what do you feel the benefits have been for you? Thanks!