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  1. Yes my son was ticking at that age real bad. I got him tested for food allergies and sensitivities and did a full blown diet. He had candida that I didn't even know about at the time but yes years of very strict diet did wonders!!! It took years and yes he was sad but I am grateful that he was young at 8 and adapted and listened. It was extremely hard on him and myself but so worth it bc now at 13 he is doing well and eating 3/4 of the foods with no problem! Let me know if you have any questions .

  2. I will always say that foods cause problems. In my case it always some how relates to foods. Please take a look at my posts but just want to mention Halloween time and crazy candy will set my child off. My dd will be doing sowing and just scream or not scream but vocal sound . Ds never really did it. But if she is off diet that's when things come out. I truly need to get back with kids even though they are not that bad. Food controls our household and makes it livable or not. Then the fight of taking it away. We are gf and dairy free and all dyes and preservatives. I am five years into this and have been more leanent and will tell you I am ready to run back with sugar and food sensitivities. You tell kids it's okay to broaden the spectrum and they take advantage and I basically have to pull it again.

  3. Chemar thanks for reply!! Yes 24 hours or more of no sleep I was yelling at everyone. I feel so bad for him with all he has dealt with from a young age. He is doing good which is good. He is an Active kid who loves sports and now have to see what he can do:) have to line up appointments with specialists for kidney.?

  4. My boy through up Monday night at 1:00am and was having stomach aches the next morning Then fever came in the day and stomach aches increased. Took him to ped and ended up in er with appendicitis. Had surgery and then find out he has one kidney. This was harsh and I have dealt with harsh but this is hard. Everyone one who knows me or anyone please chime in please!

  5. This is so interesting to me and once again shows me how foods effect my children. Dd has been milk free for years and doing well. Don't recall when we started to introduce it but know it went downhill from then slowly. Basically milk affects her moods swings and makes her more prone to arguing. But what really is interesting is this coughing. I know she had a cold a while ago but had this coughing that lingered. Yes knew to get her off milk but I kept putting it of because she is enjoying all the foods with cheese. Never had an actual glass of milk. Went to creamery a couple weeks ago and had a Oreo blizzard bc brother has had one and basically that is where I new I could nail her with this is not okay. She got a stomach ache halfway through and started coughing really bad a day or so later and said I need to see doctor a couple of days later. I could tell the couch was tic like if it makes sense but never coughed during night. Her voice was getting scratchy the next day bc of the coughing it was sad. I really started wondering if it's bronchitis or something in her chest. I always had a feeling it's the milk before I take her to doctor so for 50 cents a day dd agreed to go milk free (. I am a sucker and desperate to try) dad gave her another 50 cents so she is rolling in the dough. guess what within three days her coughing is like 75 percent better! So basically the milk is causing all this issues. Her coughing is now at 90 percent better. It is so interesting and crazy how milk can cause issues that others would not realize. It causes tics in my daughter. I can hear the rhythm in the cough and sniffling and it's crazy how it's a food item that causes it. She is doing so much better we also took some more sugar out that ds is bringing home. It's not bronchidits and her voice is back and she knows she is feeling better. A week later with dairy free she is doing great. I feel like I have made her suffer for months but it just progressively got worse. Tics come from so many things and foods seem to be a big one here. Hope this can help others.


  6. I just feel like I have to tell these stories to give hope and encouragement. My boy was bad from people who have read and know. He had a baseball game today and did awesome. He just turned 12 and rocked it at pitching and slammed the ball out during hitting!! He got the game ball and best Mother's Day ever!! This is a boy who at 8 kept striking out and just had so much issues and went through a lot. Life is amazing . I still watch him and trust me have fights about diet and sugar mostly. It will always be a struggle that mom is crazy. Dd was trying to open up a v8 at grandmas house and literally has no clue how to open a pop can. My kids never drink pop and I felt guilty but then said no I don't care! I always hear so and so does this and that and I don't care. Never give up. Never give up hope and continue what your doing. happy Mother's Day to all!!!

  7. Beerae22 things will get better!! I have had so many of those days trust me where I just wanted to curl up or I just felt this is the rest of my life. It is not get back into it and you have to keep living and have that strong attitude. My mAin deal was with ds and when dd would not go to first gradewithin two weeks of screaming and crying and me dragging her out of car and what not. Basically things will pass . It is a struggle but do not give up. Help in he way you can and don't be hard on yourself .

  8. You really seem like a great coach and to be so concerned is one in a million. My boy at that time took longer to get into the field bc had to have everything right. And then getting up to bat bc of axiety did not do well. My boy got better over the years. Sometimes tense boys have a bad year and I agree with chemar with all the things that could make it worse. These parents have to know and you seem very kind and understanding. If u bring it up in that manor hopefully they will understand. I have never met a coach that cares so much and remember this boy is trying his hardest. Good luck and hope everything turns out well.

  9. I don't know it all and wish I did but the immune system to me is a huge one. That is what I focused on and tried to fix without meds but naturally . I read about and looked into methylation cycle and feel my kids fell into that but I guess I just took took the route of diet and probiotics. My ds turned 12 today and at his party I look at him as he is is interacting and want to cry bc he is not ticking and doing well!! He has had eggs and has actually been frying them up himself for past week new thing we introduced and something he hasn't had in 4 years. And in past several months can handle soy , he is not ticking nor getting congested!! At party every one is complaining of allergies and sniffing. Ds had every outdoor allergy you can name but guess what he is fine without a sniffle this is crazy and amazing!! I am crossing my fingers 100 times but what I was told 4 years ago and how he was this is not what I expected and I am not complaining. I have to mention he has not had strep in several years and I do have dd who is 9 and and as not gotten it to. She is at the age ds would get it or bring it home . But am crossing fingers and they seam to not be that susceptible anymore. I don't know if it's due to immune systems being stronger but defienetly not being as sick anymore which means no antibiotics and guts healing and being stronger.


  10. Mommy2mcl

    I don't know how young your child is but I went thru this to and what to let you have a heads up. My ds had no allergies then he started getting real bad at 8 with tics and everything and I was told to put him on singular and what not. I heard so many bad side affects about singular and did not go that route. He probably had pans /panda back then because I took him in for igg testing and he was reacting to everything under the sun. And had strep many of times . Told I is coming up as ashma prone. His immune system was shot basically and the gut. My boy was bad and it was scary tried Claritin but did not stop anything . Total diet helped! I do not want to sound like a commercial and say life is perfect but please don't listen to allergy meds as a cure . I remember ped and allergist saying he will be on sigulair and allergy meds all year bc of his reactions and I was not okay and really scared! We went full blown diet and salt bathes and what not and he has not taken 1 allergy med since then and has been doing well. He has been doing well and has not had strep in several years. He will be 12 next week and I will never regret not listening to doctors and and not putting him on singular and other allergy meds. I cleared up the gut and went thru many of fights and it was real hard I will not lie. I wish I could send a picture or show you how bad he was! He couldn't even go by a dog bc he reacted but now will get licked and is fine! Look into straiting the immune system and not hiding the issue. Pm me if u have questions.


  11. We discussed this a month ago and dd is still doing it. Her cold is gone and was going to head to doctor past week to see if it's sinuses but several days ago realize there is no drainage out of nose and when she did blow nose it's clear so I am not going crazy it's a tic. And the last thing I want to do is have her put on antibiotic . She has always been milk free but gave it all in several months ago and are back to no milk products past week or so and yes her behavior and attitude shows great improvement but still has these lingering tics which could be her getting outdoor allergens. Take her for a haircut the other day and don't hear her tic the whole time. This is when u know its a tic. To me sniffling and clearing throat aren't bad ones meanining they are not as noticeable and you can blame it on allergies which I am sure is the cause in some way. Hope my little pumpkin starts to feel better soon. She is out and about so I know it's not making her feel bad which is a good thing!! It just brakes my heart but it could always be worse .


  12. This little clearing throat tic is still lingering. You gave me a reminder that I should try her on salt baths that I did with ds. Never did it with her but never hurts. This all a started with a little cold that is long gone. She still coughs so often but it's dry. She has also been having more cheese that she was off for years so need to go dairy free again which will be hard since she has been so happy to have it but something has to give and need to make sure dairy is not causing this.

  13. Thanks for replies. He is at that age. You forget how one was at that age and all the changes and then all the restrictions with diet. Wow if I had that combo who knows what I would of been like. He had ranch dressing for first time in 4 years with contains eggs!! And did well and he has been having soy in diet here and there for months and doing good. He just tried a waffle with soy flour and did okay. Back In the beginning he would be congested within twenty minutes and tell me never to give it again!! Took them to movies the other day and let him have the popcorn for first time and butter which who knows what is in there! All happy and exciting but then towards end of movie wants the icee slushy and I say no have your water. That is pure sugar and dyes. Dd would not do well nor do I want him to have it. I once again am worst mom bc every kid has it!! I try to throw in the sugar and things are not good for your gut and you have done so well don't go back. He is getting older and smarter and the fights about food are not fun. I see his point but once I give in its like he just wants it and I am not going down that path again. I would like him to remain eating healthy and hope it doesn't bite me.


  14. Allergens are a main one. Has your child been since my dd had a mild cold and the drainage set it off. Her cold is gone but the mild tic is still their we wait it off. I give her warm green tea with lemon and honey and ricola throat drops once in a while. I know it's a lingering tic bc I won't hear it for hours and then sneaks up and cold symptoms are gone. That tic in my children was always due to drainage in back of throat from allergies or colds that set it off.


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