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  1. i was browsing the internet serachin for any posible cures for TS and came across Jeff Matovic who had brain surgery with electrodes I was wondering if anyone had any further information o this? I would be very grateiful Kind Regards B_N123
  2. well TS is something i havent seen yet, i only feel myself doing it i dont c u lot doing it, we just share our problems it was about the effects of 3 men who had it, how they cope, how unbearable it is for them one guy believed nothing was wrong and did a PHD in 4 yrs for it but it was hard for the other two, they couldnt work etc just upsetting actually seein what it was like
  3. for anyone in the UK, if they saw Extrdoinary people, TS programme on channel 5 it was worth watching. was strange seeing real people suffering with TS. wierd that as soon as i say TS needs be made public thers loadsa tv programmes on it!! Felt real sorry for the people on it though.
  4. hi Chemar! HS 83 is also from the UK. i watched the programme, interesting actually hearing about TS on tv!! Didnt feel alone for once! the programme mainly consisted of the way in which Motzart released his tension from TS. instead of ticcing.. he composed!
  5. Thankyou sometime i feel isit really that bad? or am i attention seeking? TS is physically hurtin me... but also mentally i feel my whole life revolves around ts now..its unfair
  6. society must know what TS is! it makes our life harder because we get frustrated that they look at us! illnesses that are known to people are fine because they know and accept it but when we're twitching and about to knock someone out because of our twitch (hehe) thats worrying!! we need leaflets, documentries so that people know that we not doing it for a laugh and that its serious! im not sure how well it is publicised in USA but here in the UK thers nothing!!
  7. i went to see my neurologist today basically, he saw how upsset i was and offerered me medication which i am now thinking about not giving up vitamins, just destressing..
  8. this is upsetting.. just went i thought yes finally something like vitamins are working! i get a leg tic! its so frustrating! i kick it back as i walk, and its soo embarrasing! when is this ever going to stop? i dont think i can put up with this for life, im only 19 help!
  9. is that for mild tourette? or severe? do you think i should begin with something less than 1000mg? or go 4 the combination you have stated
  10. oh okay how many vits to we hav 2 take!??! thats going to dominate our lives!! thing i noticed with fish oil i mix it with juice but i get a real chesty cough after.. dont know if any1 else has noticed it...x
  11. oh by the way Frank Smith, im a law student at university but i am currently on my work placement, this is a law firm where i am basically a trainee solicitor it is a stressful job at times
  12. im 19 years old only problem is they increase when im stressed and when im tired. im working now, so im out 12 hrs a day i wake up 6.30am n on the train im twitching!! sumtimes i stare bk at people bcoz i get angry...y r they staring society isnt nice sometimes!! the fish oil has been the best treatment for me so far though i think different things work for diffrent people ive herd zinc and magnesium? are also good i may try that...hopefully that will help me when im at work only prob is...fish oil takes disgusting!!!
  13. im soo happy!! and its down to you guys!! well i came on here for advice i was told i shud try B complex and i did...but i didnt notice anything every1 stressed i should try Omega 3 fish oils! and its great! i used 10mg everyday. and now thers times wher i can go a few hours without twitching once my mum has noticed and others hav 2 sometimes wen i went to the gym i used to twitch alot and yesterday i went for the 1st time wen i tried fish oil and i didnt twitch once thruout!! i still do. especially at work. i also tried a healing technique, so it may also be this. whichever it is, im very grateful its showed a good effect
  14. very worried mum, u sound like my mum!! dont show your daughter your worried, from personal experience shes going to think something is wrong when there isnt. i didnt have the right support from home and it reely did get to me. i only confided in one person and that person helped me throughout all of this. i understand u are worried, shes your little girl. i was first referred to a specialist and he did offer me medication, after researching this medication i decided i didnt want to take it. now i have began taking B Complex vitamins (B6 and B12) 100mg. i take one a day. today i am going to buy Flax Seed Oil and Omega Fish Oils to see if this works. i am 19, so there is a difference between your daughter and i. start her off on B vitamins but on a lighter dose. notice when she tics most. isit when she is worried upset or stressed? i urge you 2 support her, my parents didnt support me until now when i have seriously talked to them about it. before i was just mocked and that seriously has a bad impact. i found a lot of information on websites. different things work for different individuals. my best bet is to try the B Vitamins at first and c if her tics hav decreased. All the best..
  15. thanks for the advice really good to have a website where i can talk freely abt my problems n issues im a female claire, hehe i should have been specific!! i started with mouth twitches wen i was abt 14 now i hav slight mouth twitches motor reflexes such as limb movements ie wen i bruise my arm i sometimes at my worst make slight grunting noises basiclly i just want the limb movements to stop, i can live with eye twitches n mouth twitches because my mouth twitches have decreased i will try the flax n omega oil as i need more advice on the zinc and magnesium supplements i havent yet researched that and would like to before i try it thanks..
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