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  1. The infection so near to onset would definitely be a red flag to checking out strep/etc. Re: the exertion increasing them--is this exertion something like running outside? Reason I ask--my sons tics would explode expodentially when certain grasses/trees were in season---and, of course, worse when outside in it. (Something to keep in back of mind, anyhow, esp if symptoms get worse during similar months each year) BEST WISHES!
  2. I'm sorry I havent been reading boards much----- I've been through allergy/food elimination diets--- 1. Generally you should allow 7 days for foods to clear your system when eliminated---they claim longer--10 days to2 weeks for dairy. If 26 days into it no improvement with those eliminated---I dont think youre gonna see it. However: 2. (this is big)--- When you reintroduce foods----generally second meal of it (same day) you'll see reaction already---although some foods are up to 48 hours-------------SO ONLY INTRODUCE ONE AT A TIME,so you know which causes reaction,...but
  3. That's OK--- I dont need to go to a recreational drug forum
  4. It was a recreational drug using forum. I found it in a Google search when I was searching for brands of drugs. I'm not sure if posting a link here is allowed.
  5. Wow---that is interesting! THANKS (do you remember the website that people were posting on re: generic drugs? )
  6. Hi Trinnie-- About 15-20 years ago I took my son to a chiropractor who did applied kiniseology for food allergy testing---------- we logged what he ate for 1-2 weeks,...then anything he ate more than 2-3 times/week we brought food sample and Dr did AK testing when that food was on his tongue. It identified ?? 6- 8 things probably--------we then eliminated all of those---> and he had DRAMATICALLY lowered motor tics. (unfortunately he still had some vocal tics. It cost $90 as I recall. He also tested via putting vitamin supplements on his tongue along with the "allergic" food to
  7. Lele-- I'm glad your son is doing better. Chemar-- Yes......I remember "the sneezing girl" in the media----whatever happened with that? When (or did?) her sneezing stop? Did they implicated PANDAS?
  8. (off topic, ....well, somewhat ).... I just noticed this in your signature line: How cool is that! (I never heard that quote from him before!)
  9. Hi Trinnie--- Yes, the waxing and waning of symptoms makes it SOOOOO hard to figure out if something helps....or is just waning then....!! Plus, as others mention----what's great for some seems to do next to nothing (or make worse!) for another! augghhh!!! For my son, ....food allergies was huge trigger---and what helped me identify major ones was finding a chiropractor who did "applied kineseology" to identify food triggers-----I kept food diary of what he ate for one or two weeks----then anything he ate more than a few times/week, I brought samples in, and one by one, he p
  10. Hi Miss X-- Welcome I'm not any expert, but just wanted to say "hi" and "welcome" to you also---as I just looked in to see what was new here, and the board doesnt look very busy so you havent gotten many responses yet. Chemar has and will give you good advice----when you read here, you'll see so many have had experiences of degrees of success with so many different things----it IS hard to know where to begin. From your history, the PANDAS connection seems relevent, perhaps. Another thought---since so many things to try include diet modifications and dietary supplements---eating
  11. That is exactly how it was with my son. "Hey...hey.......hey mom,.... hey mom...hey mom....hey mom I.....hey mom I went outside and did this, that and the other thing etc etc etc (completely fluent..)......". Also,...when he was really excited....he would have complete blocks, ..where he couldnt get ANY sound out at first. The technic they taught him that actually worked had him deliberately saying the first words VERRRRYYYYYYYYYY slowly and dragged out....and I think even starting with saying the first PART of the word even slower.................and then as the sen
  12. Hi KD-- ((((hugs))))) to you! I saw your post, and : grabbed my eye--- I'm not sure what type of problems these are, but I went and dug up an old post of mine for you (re: stuttering at TS). My son's speech problems showed up as blocks primarily when he would start a word or sentence. Not sure if similar to yours at all, but my (frustrating) experience was that the speech therapist wanted to "blame" the speech problem onto the TS, as being *nothing* she could do about the TS---I should put him on meds----and, as a result, he went 4-5 years with severe speech
  13. Thanks for this post. My daughter has stuttered for about 2 years now and has developed motor tics over the past 6 months and vocal tics in the past month. I always thought that there was something a little different about her stuttering, but the speech therapist said it was just run of the mill stuttering. We did the Lidcombe program for about 6 months with very little improvement. The most improvement I ever saw in her stuttering was when we started her on GABA for anxiety. It almost completely eliminated the stuttering for a couple of months, but then it came back full force. Strangely, it
  14. Yup--corn starts tassling around now....well, or sooner, depending on your location I guess. BEST WISHES!
  15. I've been doing the alternative route since Oct 2nd. I know the day, because it was the day I had such severe tics that I decided I'd do whatever it takes to solve it. Prior to the alternatives, I was on tenex, clonondine, then finally went to tetrabenazine which is an orphan drug approved by the FDA only for Huntington's disease, but known to help with TS and NOT lead to the possibility of tardive diskinesia (probably misspelled). Note, that I had dropped all meds around June of 2010 as I somehow went from what was mild OCD to somewhat rough OCD and I finally had to start taking OCD meds
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