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  1. Salicylates! That’s the word I was looking for. Strangely enough, tomatoes and beans are the only ones with any effects that I’ve noticed.
  2. After tomatoes; cooked or raw. I haven’t had raw beans, but cooked beans don’t really seem to affect me. Each case is different and unique.
  3. @JulesLou Lectins in food might be a cause, for instance if your son eats a lot of tomato products or similar foods. There are supplements that partially or completely block them, or just remove them from his diet.
  4. I am indeed noticing positive results, and have tested that on several occasions when I either deliberately didn’t take those supplements or forgot to. Another thing that I find helps is Skullcap tea with Rose Hips in it; not so much by itself. Interestingly, Rose Hips are high in antitoxidants and vitamins, as well as having a slight role in relieving pain.
  5. @Chemar To add onto what you said, I usually take an equal amount of Vitamin D3 with magnesium, L-Thiamine, and the P-5-P form of Vitamin B. And yeah, 300-400 mg if magnesium is generally recommended, with men needing more.
  6. @wood0501 I would take a tentative guess that the antibiotics are a factor in it somehow. I have Tourette’s, and I noticed a significant increase in tics while on antibiotics. I know PANS isn’t the same, but their both neurological, right? I’d suggest giving your daughter a probiotic to restore a healthy gut balance, since antibiotics kill bacteria without discrimination.
  7. My little brother has eye tics as well… I thought… no, hoped that I was the only one with Tourette’s in my family. His tic consists of contorting his face and winking his left eye. It seems that his ticcing has irritated the conjunctiva. What worked for me didn’t work for him, so I turn to the Forum for ideas.
  8. Thanks @Chemar. I will look into those options, especially l-carnitine. As a rule, I’m usually quiet and reserved, but occasionally may seem to expand my tiny circle of acquaintances … and, indeed, explaining that I have tics often works. Thanks again for your advice .
  9. Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid social embarrassment when dealing with severe vocal tics, besides completely withdrawing from human contact?
  10. It would indeed seem that focusing on something else helps during a bout of ticcing. You can’t not think about something, but you can think about something else.
  11. After a few months of this exercise, the tic eventually went away. But that’s right about when I started reading constantly, so I guess that helped as well. Also, try to address any underlying issues that may be causing the tics.
  12. @MLee When I had eye tics, I simply stared at an object in the distance, without blinking. It took a few months to work, but it eventually did. The embarrassment may also be concealed by wearing tinted or polarized glasses.
  13. I would recommend magnesium and Omega-3 supplements, both in vitamin form and in natural form, in foods.
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