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  1. Jim, Your problem could be related to the "adrenochrome hypothesis"proposed by Abram Hoffer, M.D. who wrote a book on Orthomolecular Medicine. He proposed the use of Niacin for many with these cognitive difficulties. If you do try niacin begin with very low doses and slowly increase the dosage over a period of weeks. It is a miracle vitamin (B3) for some people. You should also have a nutritional blood test, an evaluation for hypoglycemia, and an evaluation for hidden infection, thyroid disorder, and hidden allergies. Check out Dr. David Perlmutter's website and book BrainRecovery .com and his brain nutrient powder called Brain Sustain.
  2. For some unknown reason -Taurine , an aminoacid , tests deficient in many Tourette children. Using this nutritional supplement in doses of 500 mg up to 3 times daily has helped many kids. This nutrient is very safe.
  3. Dear Sarah, Glutathione can help detoxification of the brain . Selenium is necessary for the body to produce adequate amounts of glutathione. Glutathione can be given intravenously. Some physicians are using this for autism. There is also a nutritional powder made specifically for the brain called brain recovery. It includes a number of nutrients important for brain function and is pleasant tasting. You can find out more about it on Dr. David Perlmutter's website BrainRecovery.com Also, you should know about EPD or enzyme potentiated desensitization that is used for the treatment of autism in England and other European countries. I have used it on some autistic children with good results. It involves getting one injection every two or three months to help the immune system. If you want more information on EPD let me know.
  4. Make certain that she is eating well. Her pediatrician might prescribe a medication that can improve her appetite like periactin . A nutritional evaluation might help to determine a hidden cause of the problem like hypoglycemia or a zinc deficiency.
  5. Jerry, Two books that might be helpful are "Food Allergy and Intolerance" by Jonathon Brostoff, M.D. and "Is This Your Child" by Doris Rapp, M.D. My experience in treating children with ADHD/Hyperactivity involve determining hidden allergies and treating these allergies to foods and chemicals and inhalents with immunotherapy either utilizing Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization or Allergy Neutralization. These treatments are discussed in the above mentioned books. These methods of evaluation and treatment have a long track record and good objective studies that support their use and efficacy in the medical literature .
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