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  1. I guess my question -- is if you have PANDAS - an autoimmune condition - can the auto immune manifest in other ways? http://rarediseases.about.com/cs/iganephropathy/a/042002.htm
  2. Has anyone's child ever had blood in urine (a significant amount - you can see) following a PANDAS episode? This is the 2nd time it has happened? Thanks.
  3. My son now has red blood cells in urine? Anyone else have this?
  4. My son now has blood in his urine. Anyone ever have this?? Red blood cells in urine. Have to go for ultrasound tomorrow.
  5. Unfortunately, we have been dealing with this for almost 5 years. He gets strep...will get like he is now...then we do 5 days prednisone and then 14-21 days of antibiotics. Usually by day 3 on steroids he makes a huge recovery. Hoping to see that today. Saw the tick this morning already. So should I ask to change antibiotics? We have gone to Dr Latimer for the last couple of years but having such a hard time getting appts - she is wonderful but we live in Atlanta. Scheduled with Dr Murphy for January but still waiting to get the call back - I could drive there.
  6. My son is in the thick of it now. Had a horrible eye tick - went away with steroids/augmentin. OCD continued...anger...rage... Another round of steroids/augmentin. Day 4 of steroids and finishing augmentin - eye tick shows itself again! I think the infection has cleared but the inflamation is there. Have appt with Dr Latimer in end of January. He is on zinc, fish oil, augmentin, prednisone, multi-vitamin, probiotic, evening primrose oil, goldenseal, wheatgrass shots, gaba. Any ideas? He seemed better today and then he lost it tonight and then I saw the tick. He has missed school all week.
  7. My son was diagnosed with PANDAS 5 years ago. We have been through all sorts of battles with this horrible condition! He has been great for about 11 months. He is on penicillin, probiotic, nordic naturals fish oil, D, golden seal, multivitamin. He currently does not have strep. He started with a eye tick about a month ago. His glands are huge. He has horrible seasonal allergies - spring and fall and sometimes summer. I am convinced that his body has a flare up of PANDAS symptoms when he is fighting allergens. I took him off gluten, dairy and sugars. Hoping to get under control. Back on Andrew Weil Anti-inflamatory diet. Anyone else see this? Who is on allergy shots? How else could I boost his immune system? Thanks for your replies. What would we do without each other? Alicia
  8. With the last round of PANDAS last summer - my son did have blurred vision.
  9. Mine is allergic to seasonal...majorly. Been coughing since October 09. Also nuts and peanuts. I always have new theories to why he has PANDAS and I am thinking about allergies so much right now...
  10. Didn't we have a list of dr's that help with PANDAS kids somewhere? I can't find it now...
  11. I am in GA too. Interesting - he has horrible spring allergies and I just started the allergy medicine 2 days ago too...
  12. So it is March. My son says he has a sore throat last week. He has a weird "territorial" play date with his best friend. He had a bad day at school - could not play with friends - super weird when he is normal. Now he can't stop clearing his throat. Same tick he had when he had PANDAS the first time. He clears it like every 3 minutes or more. After we kicked this last summer - he has been 100% normal - awesome! Fun, happy -- a joker! No worries at all and just awesome. So scared. Will call Dr Latimer tomorrow and see what to do. His glands are super swollen! I hate this so much.
  13. WOW! The book was great. Things she wrote in there that I had actually said word for word...like this is not ocd it is something else... I love the idea of a conference.... Alicia
  14. We saw Dr Latimer this week. Was it ever worth it!!! Can not describe how great it was to talk to a doctor who knows PANDAS and treats children with PANDAS. She reviewed all the records I brought in. Did a detailed exam. Very good!!! So worth it. Do it if you can!!! You won't believe it. My son told me thanks for taking me there mom. Alicia
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