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  1. My husband has Tourette's syndrome and describes something like what your pediatrician is saying about a feeling and working it out. My husband's main tic is in his nose (he blows air out of it) and he says he feels like he has to blow air out his nose because he is constantly trying to get it to feel just right. Last year we took him to a doctor who is certified in habit reversal therapy. He told my husband to do the opposite of his tic. Since his main tic is in his nose he started there and told him when he feels the urge to "get his nose just right" he needs to breath air in through his nose and out through his mouth. This is he opposite of his tic. My husband is 37 years old and has tried everything. The habit reversal therapy is the only thing that has worked long term for him and has reduced his tics by 90% and we are hoping it continues. I'm sure it's not for everyone but thought I'd share his story in case it could work for your son. my husband also tried the tmj mouthpiece. It completely cleared his tics for 2 weeks. After he went in for an adjustment 2 weeks later his tics came back. There seems to be such a connection for him with teeth and tics. His tics started when he started losing teeth as a child, he has a bad bite and tmj. He has never had braces or treatment for his tmj. I just wonder of he would have if his tics would have gotten better. anyway, I'm rambling but just wanted to respond to you and let you know that my husband has been though it and after 37 years has found something that has helped him. We also have 2 beautiful children and he is a very successful in his career. Everything will work out!!!
  2. Tics are 80% gone within 6 hours The boy that was there Monday morning came in Tuesday morning and his tics had already improved 40%
  3. His tics first appeared when he was 6. Currently he has sniffing, blowing air out of nose, head nodding, and facial grimicing.
  4. Dr. Stack did the "stick test" with my husband and the tics dimished by 50%. He sent us home with tongue blades and since my husband's had them in his tics have been dimished by 80%. When he takes them out the tics all come back within a couple minutes. So, we are going to stay in Virginia this week and get the actual mouth splint made and put in. Dr. Stack believes it will work and believe it or not, my husband and I are convinced it will as well. I'll keep you guys posted!! wish us luck There was a little boy also at Dr. Stack's office while we were there who also got the mouth splint. His mother told me that his tics have actually gotten worse with it in so they were there to get the splint adjusted. This all makes me think that there just has to be some sort of association between the jaw and tics.
  5. My husband has an appointment at 9:00 AM to see Dr. Stack. I will keep you all posted!
  6. http://www.tsa-usa.org/news/american_idol_james_durbin_0311_2.html
  7. I'm glad the PANDAs board is cheering for him! It is great awareness for TS and he seems like a great guy! So confident and a great singer! I hope he goes far in the competition. We're definitely rooting for him!
  8. Hi there! I've been watching American Idol this season and there is an extremely good singer, James Durbin, and he struggles with Tourettes Syndrome. If you are intersted in watching he will be on tonight. Hope you're all having a nice day
  9. Thanks, KileyAnn!

  10. I've heard wonderful things about Dr. Woods. Here's his website https://pantherfile.uwm.edu/dwoods/www/index.htm
  11. My husband has Tourettes and I have to say that it has shaped his whole personality in such a positive way. I truely believe that he would never be the amazing, kind-hearted, sensitive, caring person that he is if he did not have TS. He is the most handsome man, has a GREAT job, and we have 2 absolutely beautiful children together. He has everything in the world going for him. Yes, he tics, but he is such an amazing person that everyone in his life just sees past it. He had hard times when he was younger and his mom was probably feeling like most of you are on this board. With lots of love, security at home, and by finding something that he was interested in and good at (sports) he got through the tough times. He told me that when he went to college he made a life changing decision. He decided that the tics will not interfere with his life anymore. He was done giving them any attention and was going to live his life to the fullest. It worked for him! He is 33 years old and the happiest person I know! I think everything happens for a reason and I just know that he has TS because it has made him a better man. I know it seems so hard to believe righ now but I promise you all that everything will turn out okay.
  12. Dalit- I really think you are on to something. My husband has tourettes and I'm constantly trying to stay up to date on treatments in case my children begin showing signs of it. From everything I've read the structural issues seem to make so much sense. My husbands tics are completely relieved when he rests his head, and his tics started right when he lost his first tooth, he has so many neck problems, and he stretches his mouth very frequently. I've showed him the articles I've read on this and he thought it made perfect sense as well. I'm hoping they keep up the research on it. I contacted TSA to make them aware but they seemed uninterested in pursueing research in that area. Keep us posted on how your daughter is doing.
  13. I completely agree. The referrel list was no good for us as the doctors they referred us to knew nothing about Tourettes. I also inquired about the Dr. Sims mouthpiece and they wanted nothing to do with that as well. I would think that they would be interested in exploring all and any options available to help TS.
  14. My husband has been experiencing a lot of anxiety for months now. Have any of you found something that helps with this?
  15. So do you recommend not getting vaccines? Are there any studies on Vaccines and TS? I have two little ones so just curious...
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