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  1. Wow Cheri, that's interesting about the chromium. I might look into it. We called the MagOpticell company and they say there are trace amounts of salycilates in there powders and the flavours come from the oil extracted from fruit skin. Onwards and upwards... Zoe
  2. Just checked my medical file and Emelia was tested for herpes simplex. Negative.
  3. Hi Cheri, Thanks for that info. I'm confident we are dealing with the vitamin deficiency. The type of magnesium is Orthoplex MagOpticell. It's loaded with other things as well. But I just realised this morning that it's ORANGE and has "Trusil fruit punch flavour" in it. Yikes! I'll hold her off that til I investigate that flavour. The C powder she has, which is also loaded with other things, is very light cream colour as a dry powder but when you add water it turns orange. There is no listed flavours on the packaging. I have to say, Emelia's ulcers haven't gotten worse since w
  4. Thanks for that response Sherry. Our nutritionist put Emelia on Magnesium yesterday. Although we remembered that he had started her on that a while ago but her gut didn't handle it, and I've noticed some stomach pains in her today. Hope she copes with it this time as it seems she will need quite a high dose to make a difference. Cheers, Zoe
  5. Hi all, It's been a while. Emelia, now 12, had a terribly ill two years. The short story is that she ended up pretty much constantly lying on the lounge, no energy (this is a child with adHd), multiple massive mouth ulcers, regular bouts of vomiting and constant headaches. Of course she also had all the TS stuff but at that point the vital health issues were more distressing. Her paediatrician had no answers other than maybe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and even the gastro decided, and told us with her in the room, that all the tests and operations (including an MRI) had shown no results ther
  6. Hi all, So I got our long awaited Bontech products on Monday! Woohoo! We are trying ts PLUS CONTROL and ts PLUS EPA/DHA for dd's adHd and ts. Her full dose should be about ten capsules of the plus control per day for her weight so I started her on 2 tablets on Monday, 3 tablets on Tuesday and she had 4 tablets yesterday. We were also doing 2 epa/dha per day on each of those days. What I found tho was that she got very hyper, more agitated than usual so she was snapping at the other kids easier than normal. Now, having said that, she looks happier and is not being nearly as neg
  7. Carolyn - Thank you so much for putting in so much effort to your posting. I have been searching the boards for ages and so many answers to my questions were in that post above. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Chap - I'm sorry you are going through such a tough time and I wish I could give you more helpful advice but I'm just beginning this journey myself. I wish you more peaceful days ahead. Zoe
  8. Hello, I am scouring the boards for information and would like to ask for opinions on the product No Fenol. If anyone has or is using it, how useful it has been to them? I am staring to wonder if what I thought was DD's intollorance to Sals, Amines, Gluten, Dairy, Yeast, Preservatives and MSG might be a Phenol sensitivity? I'm still looking into it but would love feedback on No Fenol. Thanks Zoe
  9. Thank you for your responses. I have been busy researching and reading up trying to figure things out. It's wonderful to here that my daughter is not alone and I actually told her of the responses and she just got a huge smile on her face and said "really? I'm not the only one?" So please know that just sharing your stories with me has helped my daughter. Her tics are rotational as are all tourette tics and at the moment the stomach one has lessened whilst others have flared. Unfortunately she is now rubbing both elbows back and forth across the side of her body and this IS hurting h
  10. Hello, I have written another post on stomach tics but now I've been reading some other posts I am super curious. All internet information on TS seems to only discuss the physical stuff, but that stuff is easy to see. What I am reading from the messages on here is more about the stuff we can't see - the inside! And it's fascinating to me. My daughter is ten with ADD and what we were told was tics associated with ADD but that she has now had for four years and more of them and both motor and vocal etc, so we will be seeking a TS diagnosis soon. I have known about her food intoleranc
  11. Hi Chemar, Thanks for your encouraging words. I personally have just found the school system way too casual about learning difficulties and ADD. It seems that because DD is bright and doesn't throw chairs around the room, like the steriotyped ADD child, she doesn't demand their attention so she doesn't get it! Anyway, thanks for the info about the laptop/keyboard. I am off to check them out now! Bit of Sunday morning down time. I'll keep searching for more information about this difficulty. Thanks again, Zoe
  12. Hi there, My ten year old daughter was diagnosed with ADD a couple of years ago and we will be gettiing a diagnosis for TS soon. We always new she had learning difficulties and pulled her out of school and home school her now as a result of not getting any in school help, even though her teacher acknowledged that she had problems! But over the years of home schooling, I have narrowed down her difficulties and it seems that writing is the main area that she struggles with. Initially I thought it was part of a general dyslexia, which her father and all of his family have, but she has no
  13. I’m new here, I live in Australia and my husband was diagnosed with ADD and Tourette Syndrome as an adult unfortunately as he suffered his whole life. So when our daughter was recognizably so similar to my husband in so many ways, physically and personality wise, we started to suspect that we might end up at this point. Our daughter is now ten years old. I home school her because of learning difficulties she has, she has been diagnosed with ADD and she has a few motor and vocal tics. I was told initially by our paediatrician that the tics are normal childhood issues or they could be pa
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