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  1. Hi, our family path has followed a frustrating path the past two years. My son was diagnosed when he was 6 and we went through the normal medical model. After attending a Tourette conference in Dallas a light went on and I followed it. When my son was quite young- 3 years of age he had ongoing headaches when we went on car rides. We had him medically checked out and everything was fine. The headaches came and went, I thought it was my driving....motion sickness. During the conference it was mentioned that headaches can be a sign of Strep. We just had him tested through Great Plailns...allergy etc and also a test looking at Strep antibodies...he tested positive. We have also tested him for toxins and are waiting for the results. Parent's are the key...the medical profession has no clue and are unwilling to look for options. We have an appt with our family doctor tomorrow so that we can get a prescription to deal with the Strep. Our Naturopathic Doctor is quite helpful in our pursuit of my furthering my sons health. The signs previously mentioned were ongoing concerns. If you are looking for a good book to read....take a look at The Ultramind Solution by Mark Hyman, M.D. Take care, Nicholas
  2. Has anyone ever experienced an increase in tics once their son or daughter once Ritalin was being removed from their system????
  3. Hi San, thank you for your reply. My son has been on a number of medications since he was diagnosed and tremendously affected by side affects. Ritalin seems to be the only medication that helped him get through school. We have been gradually withdrawing the Ritalin and his tics have increased. His child psychiatrist tells us that it is the normal wax and wanes of tics. He is on NAC, Niacinamide, Muti Vitamin, and Vitamin B. We are waiting for allergy and Panda results. I'm hoping that will give us some insight into what is causing the tics and inattention. In combination with his knee tic, shoulder tic...my son rubs his eyes and squeezes his bridge of his nose. These tics look like allergy tics???? I've heard that Magnesium etc help with tics but my nathuropathic doctor would like to wait before we add any vitamins or minerals. Take care, Nicholas
  4. Hi Faith, this is the first summer that we have reduced his ritalin which helps him make it through school (ADHD). He has been on ritalin for about a year and a half. He is now 8 and was diagnosed with Tourettes when he was 6. Since we have decreased his Ritalin we've noticed that his tics have moved to a head tic...cracking of his head...like cracking your fingers. He also cracks his fingers. We are waiting for some allergy testing and Panda's testing, should have the results within two weeks. Since we decreased the Ritalin we've also realized that he isn't hyper as we was before. We're thining of taking him off Ritalin completely before the end of July. Could the excess in tics be caused by this change in meds??? Nicholas
  5. My son now has a neck tic in which he cracks his neck??? We just completed the allergies test and pandas test and are awaiting results. We've decreased his ritalin at the start of the summer (halved it) and these new tics have presented themselves. Any connections??? Take care, Nicholas
  6. Hi Faith, he tells me that it's like an itch.... he punches his knee repeatedly a few times. Sometimes whenhe watches TV, is playing outside in the sun (at which time he looks at the sun...repeatedly)... I often wonder if the two tics are intertwined...sensory tics????
  7. Thank you for your reply. The tic my son has is that he punches his knee and it occurs with much more persistance and regularity when he is outside. I'm determining if the sun impacts the tic??? This has changed he now hits his knee even when he is inside the house. He constantly hits his knee, looks at the sun, pinches his nose and sometimes rubs his eyes. This seems like an alergy???? Any helpful expeiences or thoughts????
  8. Thank you for your reply. The tic my son has is that he punches his knee and it occurs with much more persistance and regularity when he is outside. I'm determining if the sun impacts the tic???
  9. I've started an elimination diet with my son to hopefully decrease his tics and improve his attention. He had football practice tonight and started hitting his knee...got worse when we got home. Has anyone seen this before???? Nicholas
  10. Than you for your advice and replies. I just ordered some tests from Great Plains to check for food and inhalant alergies. In addition I'm going to check Pandas, which was not an area looked into by his child psychiatrist-tourette specialist. From my understanding Panda's can occur without the existence of a sore throat or fever. I've heard that some kids simply have headaches. Anyone have this experience??? Take care Nicholas
  11. Have you tried any natural supplements etc beyond medication??
  12. hi, i'm sorry to hear about the difficult time you have been having. We went through a similar situation two years ago. Our son was 6 and had the biting tic amongst other physical tics. I'm a special ed teacher and knew the signs but sure didn't expect the explosive emotional outbursts that occurred. You are not alone. My son is now 8 and on Ritalin for school. I am now searching into naturopathic methods in assisting his tics and attention. They must have tourette specialists in New York to assist in times of difficulty. One would think they would. My heart goes out to you...let us know how you are doing. remember we're on your side. Nicholas
  13. My son is 8 and is diagnosed with Tourettes -ADHD- he will wake up in the morning and is so distracted. He is currently on Ritalin, which helps him make it through the day. In the evening he is back to being a bouncy ball..so easily distracted and unfocussed. We have just started some testing... and will proceed with it...I really want him off Ritalin. I've been reading up on testing...any suggestions??? Really want him to ease his body and mind. Nicholas
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