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  1. Hi there, I have a six year old son. We have been through various tics but in the last three weeks have seen a dramatic increase in his eye blinking tics. I couldn't figure out what was going on. I tried some diet modification and saw no change. Then it dawned on me that he had gotten a new DS video game about the same time period. He hadn't played his DS much all summer but in the last three weeks was playing at least once a day. Yesterday I decided to remove the DS for an entire day and see what happened. Low and behold the tics have been much less severe today. Don't know if this might be the case for your child but I was stunned! We had never noticed any correlation between his tics and tv or video games. Hope you find what the trigger is! Hang in there!
  2. Hello! First of all - hang in there! When I saw the time you posted I remembered back to the sleepless nights when I was first researching frantically for my six year old son. You are a wonderful mother to do all you are doing!! I wondered if you have done any of the allergy testing for your child? Foods are a big factor for many kiddos but also the environmental triggers can be huge. I am wondering if perhaps there is something that might be triggering her there - molds, outside allergies, etc. When we had my son tested we were astonished to find that he was severely intolerant to flouride. Of course we were giving him a daily dose per our dentist's instructions and he was drinking flourinated water, etc. Just a thought - if you haven't looked into this angle you might want to try. We did testing through Alcat but I also know Great Plains does this type of testing too. As for supplements - we did find that B12 made our son's motor tics and behavior off the wall. We do give him B6 and that seems to help. Hang in there!
  3. Hello! I have a wonderful 6 year old with tourettes. (I just got back from the Dallas conference over the weekend and it was wonderful! Hello to all the moms who attended!). I had the opportunity to observe my son in his kindergarten class today. His teacher has been wonderful all year working with me but has mentioned that first grade will be challenging due to the long periods of sitting still. Watching him today it struck how much he struggles in class to keep his body still and to stay focused. I wondered if anyone could share any ideas, lessons learned or accomodations that their public schools have made for their children in this situation. I want to be proactive going into this next school year and am hoping to sit down and discuss some strategies with his new teacher over the summer. Thanks!
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