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  1. So I have one child (14) having current issues with potentially PANS (have an appointment in January for an eval) however another child (12) who for years has dealt with fatigue, pains in his body etc. recently he had been feeling a lot more tired than usual, so we had a visit with his ped, he always has low vit d, dr did a check on that and also ran additional blood work, came back with igg for EBV (which he had mono a few years ago) and reactive for band 18 igg on a western blot for Lymes. Ped said lymes band that was reactive was probably a “fluke” and that without 5 out of 10 reactive it isn’t considered positive. I’ve done some digging around online and it seems that some bands hold more weight than others since some are cross-reactive and not specific to lymes. From what I can tell band 18 is specific to lymes so I don’t think this could be a false positive. Any info it would be appreciated
  2. My daughters pediatrician suggested the use of Zoloft (at a low dose ) for a temporary time frame. She is 14 and dealing with a lot of anxiety and intrusive and racing thoughts. She isn’t diagnosed with pans but is being evaluated in January by a specialist. Would it be helpful or harmful (if she does have pans) to use Zoloft. I am thinking through it with my spouse and her (since she is old enough) but am windiest specifically about any implications - good or bad - that it can have on someone specifically with pans/pandas.
  3. Thanks for all of your input! Very helpful I found and decided to take her to an immunologist instead who diagnoses and treats pans and pandas and immune mediated encephalitis . Hoping to get more clarity then (January). As for the lymes test I’m not sure which one was done. Results on quest just say “lymes blot” and list off results for different numbers. Unsure how to tell.
  4. Reviving a dead post, anyone with any experience seeing Dr. Legito?
  5. Hey I’m new here. Have a 14 year old who is waiting on an evaluation for PANS/PANDAS. Back in august we had some type of virus. Most of us just had diarrhea and nasal congestion for a day or two. She ended up wiped out (slept 14 hours a days for a few days) slight fever, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, swollen glands and nasal congestion. The stomach symptoms lasted over 3 weeks and got better after a bland diet. The first week she was sick she started having pretty bad anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and kept feeling the need to say everything under the sun (in an ocd type of way) due to fear (which she know is irrational) that if she forgets to tell us something (these are about the intrusive thoughts, things she does in the moment, things that could have happened 8 years ago even things that don’t make sense to be concerned about) that we’ll be upset at her, also some emotional outbursts, sleep disturbances and feeling extremely tried. Primary doctor ran some blood work- all which came back negative, just wondering if there is anything that could be off that they didn’t check. Only things slightly off was potassium (slightly low) and bilirubin (slightly high), which is probably from stomach issues for 3 weeks. Her D has always been low (15-20ish) and she takes supplements for it . Primary doctor seems to be thinking after all of these being negative that she probably isn’t dealing with pans/pandas but is referring out to a specialist to rule it out. To me it just seems so in line with pans/pandas because of the sudden onset of the psychological symptoms the same time frame as being sick. This also has me questioning some other time frames of her life specifically when she was 8 (hand washing and a fear of accidentally lying - which resolved after a few months) and 11 (some ocd tendencies and an onset of sensory issues - ocd tendencies were around for a few months, sensory issues have continued to be a problem, emotional outbursts) neither was any where close to as bad as how she currently is. thank you and sorry if this is a repeat question. tests given: cbc metabolic panel Celiacs panel Lymes disease immunoblot Epstein Barr antibody panel Salmonella/ E. Coli/shiga toxin Ova and parasite smear ANTI-STREPTOLYSIN O c reactive protein t4 tsh
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