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  1. Do the effects of ibuprofen ever wear off, and, if so, how long does it take? I'm in one of my panics about not knowing whether anything I think, want, believe or feel is real or just the effect of something I've taken. It's a bit of an impossible thing to avoid when everything you live surrounded by is a question of what would be most effective in making you think differently about something. Damn PANS and damn all medical treatment. Damn, damn both of them. Anyway. I could do with a reply to this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PLEASE.
  2. Yes. I almost lost my mind. (I'm talking abuot "Brain Lock", I haven't heard of one called "You Are Not Your Brain" before and I thought I'd heard of all the OCD books by now! If it's another one by Jeffrey Schwartz, though, I might give it a miss - no offence.) No offence, but why are you asking that in this thread? Shouldn't it have its own thread, really, let alone a thread about the duration of action of ibuprofen not being a very sensible place for it, just because that thread like almost every other thread on here mentions OCD?
  3. I'd like to say, just for my own encouragement, that I'd rather the things I was worried about were also actually not true, as well as just me not being anxious about them. Thanks very much for your encouragement, really.
  4. Sorry to get into such a paddy. It's not that I was haing a bad reaction to the ibuprofen, more that I was panicking about the ibuprofen. Panicking about your mind having been compromised is a bugger, because even if you come up with an argument that you think is convincing, you thenwonder whether it really is a valid or convincing argument or whether it's just the drugs making you think so! You're probably surprised at me, who frequently reels stuff off like a chemistry textbook, suddenly appearing not to know whether ibuprofen has a limited duration of action or not. The fact is, when I get into that state, there's no use me telling myself anything at all, because I won;t believe me. I didn't admit I was in a state before, I know, I'm sorry, I was just afraid that if you thought this was an "OCD question" you'd treat it as an "OCD question" rather than giving me a true answer. Now I'm not bothered because Iknow even if the ibuprofen is making me believe something that isn't true, I'll be able to find out sooner or later. I do feel a bit better now, though I'm not sure whether that's the ibuprofen or the 1000mg of Vitamin C that I took at the same time (haven't been able to get at either of them for ages, owing to OCDorwhateveryoucallit issuse) - less as if I'm liable to crumble and fall to bits at any time, and the worst of the continual burning sensation has cleared up.
  5. Wombat140

    PANS - oddball symptoms

    One PANDAS specialist I saw a few years ago (Dr Goyal, no longer practising as far as I can find out) did say that hypermobility/type three EDS was associated with PANDAS (he said I had it). He said it was because the collagen fibres in the tissue were looser so antibodies could get further in. But then a book I read about mould sensitivtyu (one of Dr Shoemaker's, can' t remember title) claimed that EDS was often a SYMPTOM of mould senicstiy and cleared up if that was cured. IssSo I donm't know, but more than one person seems to have noticed the correlation.
  6. I don't logically know ANYTHING. What's the answer to the question I was asking?
  7. Well, the effect effect. Whatever effect/s you're supposed to be taking it for, that supposedly makes you think quite differently about everything and think things are OK that you wouldn't otherwise. Thank you so much for listening. Any answer? From you or anyone else.
  8. I've been doing searches and found a few posts but not very clear so I thought I'd ask again. I started taking the Hyperbiotics Pro-Kids probiotic on Thursday (yes, I know I'm maybe a bit old for that but it was because Lordchallen's daughter was taking it for *ahem* very similar symptoms). I took 2 a day to start with, that's 6 billion Colony Forming Units, then nothing seemed to be happening and things are already quite bad so I was impatient for something to wrok, so yesterday and today I took 4, that's 12 billion CFU. Written down like that it does look rather a lot. Yesterday and today, things have been particularly dramatic, in the exact same way I was supposed to be taking these things for - insane frustration at the least thing, agitation, panic, OCD getting set off catastrophically at the least thing, lengthy ranting at my parents. Mum describes me as "hyper" whatever exactly she means by that. Query. Have any of you or your kinds got worse on probiotics? And, if so, was it a worse-before-it-gets-better thing, or was it actually just worse and the correct thing to do was stop? And which ones (what species of bacteria were in them)? Please, it would be a great help if any of you could put me in the picture.
  9. Wombat140

    Anyone got worse on probiotics?

    Replying in no particular order: I don't have Facebook. I'm in Britain, Culturelle isn't sold here unless I ordered it off Amazon or somewhere, and that'd be a long wait and is there any reason to think that would be better, if it's oznly that it doesn't have s. Thermophulus, which this doesn't either? I know about Strep thermophilus but it's not there; Pro-Kids contains only four strains - Bifidobacterium infantis, Bifidobacterium lactis, and two kinds of Lactobacillus but I forget which (haven't got the bottle handy). No, no constipation, in fact these probiotics have given me the runs a bit. That leaves the yeast - no idea, it could be, I suppose. I forget what the symptoms of candida are supposed to be, except the obvious physical ones (the cracked skin, itching and red bits), which I don't have any of. I'm nervous of taking antifungals on top of all this thouguhy in case I make things still wrose! Surely if the problem is the candida dying off, takking antifungals would just mean even more die-off, wouldn't it? Or wouldn't it?
  10. Wombat140

    Touretic OCD

    I used to know a lot about this (since it's one of the many things on here that appears to describe my symptoms. I think some form of PANS is behind it all with me though). This is the original article that I think coined the term:       Tic or Compulsion? It’s “Tourettic OCD”  By CS Mansueto and DJ Keuler. It's a journal paper but is very readable. It's from 2006, though, so it mught be worth doing a Web serarch to see what's comeup since then. Oh, and here's the thread I started when I was trying to find out about it, in case there's any information there that you haven't seen. https://latitudes.org/forums/topic/7179-i-think-i-have-tourettic-ocd/ Good luck.
  11. A lot of the time awful things happen to me and my family that I can't talk to anyone about because I can't think of anyone else I could possibly explain them to. (One's happened just now.) Is it OK tto rant in the main forum? Or would you rather people didn't? Wombat140 Edit: By the way other people are welcome to use this thread for this kind of thing too, if that helps.
  12. Thanks both of you. I tried NAC once, years ago, and things seemed to get worse - though I don't remember how much I was taking. LNN (formerly LMM) has a theory that people who have a mutation in the CBS sulphur-processing gene are the ones who don't respond well to NAC, which contains a lot of sulphur - and I know I do have that, at halest half a one (+/-) New doctor's put me on daily ibuprofen yet again, which is a relief - I never like to start that on my own initiative because after a while I always start to get stomach bleeding and I don't know how long it should take to recover after that, but honestly I was already considering it by then, things were just so sticky. I'm already taking a multi (Holistic Health All-in-One), but I haven't been on high dose B6 for ages, actually, maybe I should get some of that, I used to like that stuff. When you say magnesium, Mary Angela, d oyou mean magnesium and calcium, or magnesium alone?
  13. Sorry to butt into Eatmoregreens and Newfie's thread, but @bobh what do you mean by "dcotors in London"? Anybody I ought to know about? Always on the lookout for more UK doctors to add to my mental list.
  14. Wombat140

    Extreme behavior

    Which probiotic is your daughter taking, then - Pro-Kids or Pro-15? I looked them up and it turns out they're not the same strains after all (15 combines, unsurprisingly, 15 different strains, while Kids has only 4), so I'd better know.
  15. Nah. I have OCD issues about SSRIs. I've actually once tried forcing myself to take it anyway, but it was a disaster. (Yes, tiny dose, 2.5 mg or something like that.) Every time I thought "Well, things seem to be OK, nothing life-ending seems to be happening", eve nthings that aren't usually a problem, I'd think "Is it really OK, or is it just the pills making me think it is?" I just becamse barely able to move with fright utnil two days had passed and I could feel fairly sure it was out of my system. Caused far more trouble than it could surely ever have solved. So probably not a good idea. Unfortunate, but there it is. (I sometimes think it picks these things deliberately.) Thanks for advice, though, and just for answer, it makes me feel better. Kind of feeling better now, with help of my mum and a random online pal. IVIg may not be as impossible as we thought, I've got a new doctor who is far more relevantly qualified/authorised than any of the people I've been making do with for the lastseveral years and seems to think it's not impossible he might be able to fix it up.
  16. Wombat140

    Not sure where to post this

    Oh God, this is me. I am also in a frenzied PANS (Or whatever the this is) flare though, so the two together is complicated.
  17. I feel awful The compuslions went all wrong and I feel awful I'm on fire I just want to scretam and I'm not allowed to anywauy What do you do Do you think there's any chancer I wwill ever feel all right again? And whay should anyone ever listen to me again, if I am all right again, and if none of this was ever important?
  18. What do you do when you know you're attention-seeking but you don't know how to stop? When something has happened that sent me into a real flap and people are pushing me away because they're in a hurry or something, I just do all kinds of random frantic loud things and I can't stop myself, it just seems to come up from my toes and I can't hold it in for more than a few seconds. This afternoon I picked up a pot of daffodils and hurled it across the garden. It feels like being expected to sit quietly and not make a fuss, although the house is on fire.
  19. What's the vitamin C supposed to do? I don't think I've heard anything about vitamin C in connection with immune system issues, or if I have it went out the other ear.
  20. Thanks Maryangela. I had that test done a few years back but can't reemebemer what it showed, I don't remember yeast being mentioned as high but then I don't remember it being mentioned at all. Might dig out the test results if I can be bothered.
  21. PLEASE READ - Important: please read this posting before replying to anything I post: http://latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=24834#entry186170 This posting indicates what the main word is that I have a problem with, but please don't say it to me by way of exposure; I can't cope with that, especially as my reaction to things is always worse if I've specifically asked someone not to do them. I do really need to be able to use this forum. I have a weird OCD(?) issue which is a horror of a particular word. Or rather, several words, it's been spreading. I'm going to talk about the oldest and most poisonous one, but much the same could be said of all the others. It's taking over at the moment - running wild and poisoning everything; I don't know how to deal with it and I really need help. It's not exactly that I'm afraid of it (though I know that it's usual with OCD to insist on making the patient admit that their issue is in fact straightforward "anxiety" exactly like everyone else's, and I'm not going to argue). It's that it seems to me utterly disgusting and dehumanising, or rather to indicate something that is. So, yes, I am afraid of it, in that it's not surprising to be afraid at the prospect of something that seems so horrible to you. But I don't think that's really the point. Anyway, I think whether I'm basically disgusted or frightened probably isn't really the point, either. Just mentioning it in case it was. The weird thing is that it's a word that most people would consider a nice word or at least neutral, and presumably so did I before all this started. That's the trouble, in fact - things that are OK in themselves can be described by that word, and because that word has horrible associations and evokes horrible feelings, that then makes the things seem horrible too by definition. People have suggested that it's a conditioned-response thing - perhaps it got associated with some bad experience that happened to me, and grew from there. That does seem very likely to me, it fits the way it behaves, though I don't actually remember any such incident. Anyway, the point is: I don't know how to tackle it. Has anyone else dealt with a reaction to a word, and, if so, what things did you do? Being a word seems to make ordinary exposure very difficult. The trouble is, words are MEANT to work by association. It's associated in my mind with horrible feelings, ideas and images. So if I write it down, say, or read it, I think, "yes, there is a word that means something terrible". To the extent that I can't even stand to read it or have the thought of t in my head without dloing something to "shake it off". And if I don't shake it off, if I allow my brain to carry on saying that something is "[word]", then I feel slimy and horrible and as if it's physically clingin all over me and touching me with long, jeering fingers (If you see what I mean by jeering fingers... ), and it gets worse and worse until I can't bear it or think straight any longer and give in and do a compulsion, usually a worse one than before. And it makes it very difficult even to think clearly about why something isn't in fact a horrible thing that I should rationally be avoiding: my mind just keeps going, "But it is [word]! You can't deny that it's [word]! Anyone would say so!" but then with that word come all the meanings I associate with it, which do not in fact apply to the thing in question at all, but I become unable to see it as anything else. How can I get this word (and all the others) away from the associations? I've tried a few things, some of which make me think more clearly for a bit, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere. And I don't know whether that's because I'm going about it wrong, or because I'm not doing enough of it, or just because my brain is short-circuiting too badly to keep up (I'm currently in the early stages of treatment for Lyme isease, to no evident effect so far). Please help if you can. Anything, however small. I'm going crazy. It's my birthday tomorrow, so any little nugget of advice would be a really nice present!