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  1. Yes, it's OCD I'm supposed to have, and there are some things about it that are like OCD and not TS, so it's not plain TS either. I think it's more OCD than TS. But there are just a few things that are not at all like OCD and exactly like TS. For instance, I don't get scared if I don't do the compulsions at the appropriate time (the typical OCD scenario). I just have an increasingly strong urge to do them, which gets worse until I have to give in (as with TS). That, or else I have to do them before I can do something else, say sit down on a chair, and in just the same way I can't make myself sit down until I've done them. Another difference I've noticed is that there's never any reason why I have to do something in a particular situation. Not even a silly reason. Again, like TS. I keep noticing odd mentions of "tourettic OCD" on here, but I can't find any very substantial bits of information about it. Can anyone help?
  2. Among a lot of very strange OCD or Tourette's-ish symptoms, I have one where I sort of get "caught up" on things I pass, such as lamp-posts, and have to twitch and tense myself up to "free" myself before I can go any further. (No, there's no rhyme or reason to it at all). Well, whenever that one flares up I notice that I get really tired and out of breath when I walk even quite a short distance. I get the impression it's because of walking on tensed-up muscles or something like that, but I can't be sure. Does anyone else notice this? Actually, this hasn't been a problem at all the last day or so. The tic hasn't been as bad either, but it's there, and I've been for a longish walk without getting tired at all. I put it down to having started doing Yoga every morning again, though again that's just my opinion. Wombat140
  3. And it seems he's banned now. Thanks for telling people Chemar, I didn't think of doing that!
  4. I think I can explain. So-called "no-flush niacin" is a compound of inositol and nicotinic acid (which is one form of niacin, niacinamide being the other). Inositol hexanicotinate is its chemical name. I haven't actually heard the name inositol nicotinate before. As for the dose, it depends whether you mean 500mg of niacin or 500mg of the compound including the inositol. RDAs for niacin range from 1.3mg to 8mg. For tics and OCD, up to 500mg has been recommended, but this is close to the safe limit so I'd be careful. 250mg might be safer, and you could see if that helps before raising the dose if necessary. When I say 500mg, I mean enough "no-flush niacin" to provide 500mg of niacin, ignoring the inositol. Hope this helps, Wombat140
  5. Thanks Chemar. Haven't been on here for ages, what with one thing and another, so I've only just noticed this reply. Wombat140
  6. Thanks very much Carolyn. Anyone else? Wombat140
  7. I'd like to know if any of you have heard of any safety concerns with Magnesium Taurate as a supplement. Or any side effects in general. I'm thinking of trying it, but want to be sure first - I'm in England so it'll be difficult to get. Also, is Bonnie Grimaldi still selling it? I've lost track, and her website's a long way out of date. Thanks very much. Wombat140
  8. Milk has sugar? What do you mean exactly? Surely it doesn't have sucrose (regular sugar), is lactose a problem too? Does anyone have anything to say about my previous post? Thanks, Wombat140
  9. Anyone got the reference for this study? I'm into this kind of thing. Thanks, Wombat140
  10. I've seen Asafoetida in one health food shop but not others. Seems to be quite thin on the ground. I never knew it was called Devil's dung! I've not seen it mentioned for flu before, but I did once see a bizarre story of it curing a dog that had both hind legs paralysed. Not sure if either of these uses have ever been backed up by anything though. I don't see why there is so much fuss about swine flu. Everybody here says that it's no worse than ordinary flu, only more infectious. Is it different in America? Wombat140
  11. That's funny. I've had exactly those symptoms with several different treatments. The first ever time was with a gluten and casein free diet. That one was horrendous! Up in the middle of the night, every night for a week, with either howling cramps or, er, the other thing, or both. This is supposed to be a good sign as it means you are getting opiate compounds out of your system, so the diet will work as soon as you've finished that stage - they call it the withdrawal phase. The funny thing was, the symptoms did go away after a while, but it never did all that much for the OCD! I kept up the diet for about six months, then gave up. Then I had exactly the same thing while taking SAMe. Not immediately, but after I'd been taking it for a few days. I stopped taking that pretty sharpish. It did seem to help slightly, but honestly! And I've had it just recently, too, after a few days of taking St. John's Wort regularly. It seems to have gone now, touch wood. I had a brief bout of intrusive thoughts at the same time, but don't know if the two things are connected. Does this suggest anything to anyone? It's got me baffled. Wombat140
  12. I've never heard of tourettic OCD, where can I find out more? What I have isn't OCD and Tourette's, but a weird sort of hybrid. I have complex compulsions which are only necessary in certain circumstances, like OCD. But there is no reason for them, just an irresistible urge, like Tourette's. Does that count? If not, what does it count as? Wombat140
  13. Chemar put this in the Tourette's Syndrome forum. I thought it should be here as well, so people will find it. http://psychcentral.com/news/2009/08/12/an...r-ocd/7699.html "A new study indicates that pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Tourette syndrome or tic disorder may begin as a common bacterial throat infection. Researchers believe an errant immune response to the bacteria may trigger an autoimmune cascade. The mouse model findings are published online in this week's Molecular Psychiatry." What do you think about this? Wombat140 PS "Mouse model", indeed! Sounds better that way...
  14. What is HBOT anyway, what does it stand for? I haven't heard of that one.
  15. Thanks Chemar. I've made 7 posts now asking about various things and this is the first one that's been answered. I was starting to think my posts didn't show up for some reason, but it seems they do. Thanks for the suggestion. I've never come across a naturopath or a holistic doctor where I live. I'm not exactly sure what they are to be honest. Round here more of the complementary therapists than not are Angelic Reiki people, there is an epidemic of them. There are people who do more sensible things, but you have to look hard. All the best, Wombat140
  16. I am looking for a Biofeedback/Neurofeedback practitioner in Greater Manchester (UK), or as near there as possible. Does anybody know of one? Especially one who knows something about treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or similar conditions, such as (for instance) phobias or Tourette's Syndrome. I have been trying to find one for a while now but don't really know where to look. Many thanks, Wombat142
  17. I am looking for a Biofeedback/Neurofeedback practitioner in Greater Manchester (UK), or as near there as possible. Does anybody know of one? Especially one who knows something about treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or similar conditions, such as (for instance) phobias or Tourette's Syndrome. I have been trying to find one for a while now but don't really know where to look. Many thanks, Wombat142
  18. Has anybody here tried blueberry leaf extract for OCD? I found an astonishing article about it at http://www.alternativementalhealth.com where somebody said they had tried it for something else, and it cured them of OCD and agoraphobia. Unfortunately the article was not signed. I have tried it myself and it did nothing, so I am now wondering whether it might have been something else in the supplement that did it. Or does it only work for some people? Or did it never happen? Please help. Wombat140
  19. Hello StageDoor. Nice to see a familiar face, or not see them as the case may be.
  20. Haven't got time to go into details, but I have OCD, I am not considered suitable for CBT and I can't take SSRIs. What does everyone suggest? I've tried to look into Neurofeedback, but can't seem to find anyone that does it. (I'm in Britain). Yours hopefully, Wombat140
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