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  1. I am 16, and female. I suffer from anxiety so the meds did seemingly make that worse. I also experienced awful side effects, I am quite sensitive to medications as it is. My previous schools did not know about the ADHD, and my school were happy and behind me with whatever treatment and help/support I choose to recieve and did not pressurize anything on me. I was given a trial from the psychiatrist who diagnosed me with it, and suggested it could help. They also said "If the medications help, you have ADHD", which is bull, because you cannot base a diagnosis on reactions to medications. I am
  2. Had OCD for years. Compulsions, obsessive thoughts, intrusive thoughts, need to confess, excessive reassurance, so many things, OCD is ###### for me, has been and continues to be. I rarely do my "checks" anymore though - they used to be SO exhausting, SO draining, SO horrible and extremely annoying, but no longer do them as much as I used to, thankfully. I do, however, get frequent obsessive, intrusive, need to confess thoughts & require reassurance. I feel I am a bad person for thinking things, and then "confess" the thought(s), and require reassurance on them. This spirals i
  3. Hey there, I'm new here. I was diagnosed with ADHD - Combined in 2007. I have difficulty with it a lot. Restlessness, impulsive, distracted easily, procrastination, short fuse/thin skinned, etc. I was trialed on Ritalin and Concerta - didn't work out, didn't wanna be on a pill to prevent me from being who I am and how I am, so I was taken off. I deal by myself now. I go to a special needs school, it helps a bit but not as much. ADHD is a part of me, it's not a disease, it may be a flaw, but also a gift in some ways, too. So, yeah. Hi.
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