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  1. Thank you for your valuable sharing and input. Appreciate it so much. Your sharing is so important to us.
  2. Dear Mertol, Thank you so much for your reply and sharing the information. Yes, we are worried as now the head turning with the mouth open is very freq. I have been keeping a diary since the day she started the tics. Actually, the tics started in Apr 2021, after 2 weeks it was getting lesser and nil. 19 July 2021, it came back fiercely with the abdominal. 5 Aug 2021, the head turning tics started and the abdominal tic was decreasing. 9 Aug 2021, the head turning tick was very freq and intense. It was like every min will do many times. Able to share your dd experience on the peak and how long will it takes to subside? Really appreciate your reply as search and google the whole internet, this is the place where you had share your experience. Thank you Astley
  3. Dear Mert, I have read thru your post from starts. Recently my daughter started the abdominal tics with the abdominal sucking in and out. Last 2 days, she started the head turning tics. She is 4 years old We are so worried. Doc said now cannot determine it is transient or chronic and have to monitor. May i know how is your doing, how long did she last the intense tics and has she fully recover?
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