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  1. Cool, thanks. Unfortunately there is no PANDAS doctor where I live and there is only 1 (maybe 2) in all of Australia but they are both interstate and all the state borders are closed currently and for the foreseeable future.
  2. Hi, thank you so much for the reply, I will try motrin as I haven't yet, is it the same as ibuprofen or advil? We don't know the exact trigger for the first flare but I know that I was sick with something like flu or cold in 2018. In 2020, I received a flu shot and my flare arose from that (I woke up with tics just over a week after receiving it). In January 2021, I had a stomach bug (don't know what kind, we didn't think to get it checked out) which triggered the NES and paralysis and other symptoms. I just wasn't sure if I could still get tested or treated for these specific trig
  3. Hi, I'm a 17-year-old from Australia and suspect that all my conditions that I've developed since I was 14 may all be caused by PANS. I have had three sudden-onsets of symptoms, in June 2018, May 2020 and January 2021, all with various psychological and neurological symptoms which have resulted in numerous diagnoses but which have all been treatment-resistant, with medications giving terrible side effects. My first sudden-onset in 2018 is mostly in remission currently, whilst I still deal with all the symptoms from May 2020's and January 2021's. In June 2018, I experienced sudden s
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