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    The vest has a new home. Thank you!
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    Hello, I have been a long time member but have not posted recently. I posted this on the autism board but thought I'd post it here too. I have a very small heavy pressure vest that we no longer need and would love to donate it to a family who can use it. If you or someone you know would benefit from this vest, please send me a message. It is one of those blue wrap around vests (I can't find a picture of it) with weights. I had to sew some velcro on it because my daughter was so small she needed it even tighter than the vest would go. Thanks and HUGS to all!
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    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences (even if they have not been all roses!).
    Just read an article in the National News yesterday of testing being done in Russia by scientists where they have figured out that the '90% of unused DNA' in a humans' body actually responds to different frequencies and is able to communicate to the rest of your active DNA. They figure that what DNA is doing can be changed because of this finding. Fascinating stuff and supports using the Rife!
    Best wishes with the new lyme specialist, so sorry you have to travel so far!! Ours is 20 min. away but I always feel bad for the patients that have to drive/fly to get there!
    Take care.
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    Update.......The Rife is a powerful tool! For dd10 and I, we can tolorate the herx, we have obvious herxing but it lasts a day or two and it's over until the next treatment every two weeks. I feel confident that this will help get us to another level of healing if we keep it up. I really love this machine.
    But..,...dd11 herxes so badly with her treatments and for prologned periods of time that I've had to stop until I can get someone who is knowledgable and can help us through it. She must have such high toxic overload or had so much lyme and bartonella bacteria in her that it's too much for her.
    I am finally able to take her to a lyme specialist in Wash DC which is about a 6 hour drive for us. We go at the end of this month.
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