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  1. Doctors can really freak us out with their insensitivity. We were told to ignore the tics and "hope" they go away.....ignore the hundreds of tics....yeah, ok! It's really hard to find doctors who really know what they are talking about. I'm sure you as a parent are a 100% more knowledgeable than most MDs out there on this topic. You can become an expert quick when your baby is the one suffering.
  2. It's been nearly a year since I was here. I sort of thought we had said goodbye to the tics. Last August we learned my son had food sensitivites to Egg, all dairy, peanut and wheat...... We did a pretty good job eliminating these from the diet and said goodbye to the worst of the tics (eye blinking, pulling of the eyes, throat clearing head jerking). In the last couple of months I got lazy. I really feel like it's totally my fault. Baker just seemed to be doing so great...a birthday party here and there, cookies at a friends and then the topper was some reduced sugar (splenda) muffins I
  3. First I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me understand tics. The knowledge I have gained about nutrition, enviornment and health has been and will continue to guide me as I mother. We would not be doing our jobs if we didn't look at all possible casues for our childrens behavior. As some of you know last month our doctor lead us down this path ( tics and ADHD). Each day his symptoms got worse but always focused on the eyes. He seemed aggitated and wiggly all the time. Even though the doc said these were tics and I was researching this area in depth I still wanted Baker to see an e
  4. So Baker's world got rocked this week but I will say he did great! No screens! Dairy, egg, and gluten free, everything organic and lot's of new things he had never tried ( he's 5, and has lot's of food texture issues so this is a big deal). He's also taking a multi vit, omega, calcium/mag sup and a probiotic. Before this week he was watching TV or playing Leapster on average 3-4 hours per day (when it was all added up). He would tic almost constantly through this ( eye pulling and rubbing). So without the screens we have eliminated all of that ticing. I guess that's good news! When he p
  5. So Baker is 5 and we are new.... lots of changes at our house this week. Different foods and no screen time. I tried to give him a simple explaination "We are trying some new things to help your eyes feel better" ( his main tic is pulling on the eyes up or down). It broke my heart to hear him be so frustrated and actually yell at me "well it's not working, my eyes still bother" I told him he was perfect just how he is and not to worry about his eyes. And thanked him for being a tropper with all this new food stuff. So do we talk about it or ignore it? Most of the day I completly ign
  6. Great information from everyone! Thank you SO much!! I will look into PANDAS for sure. Baker is penicillin sensitive as are both my Mom and I. Bad rash!! Baker had this reaction just this year with an ear infection. His ENT that did the tonsils seemed concerned Baker was a carrier for Strep and was eager to get them out. I really didn't ask what that meant. Now I'm really wondering. I need to make a list of possible tests so we can limit the pokes..... MMR resistance Panda - strep Mineral defiencies? I'm thinking maybe an enviornmental doc may be helpful. Surely I can find one
  7. Thanks Kim, I've been keeping track of all food this week and anytime I see him tic. Trying to see if there is any link. The last two nights it's been worse during story time. Maybe he's just tired or maybe there is something in his room irritating him. He's had plenty of mild colds this year and a pretty bad intestional virus a couple of months back. I'm going to add a probiotic on a daily basis as well. Today I found a really yummy calcium magnesium source. It's Bluenonnet liquid. A good dose in a smal amount and mixes well with juice. Shelia Rogers book came today so I will po
  8. Hi I'm Lorie and the mom of Baker who is 5. The last 5 months he has been pulling at his eyelids. At first he'd pull his upper lids. Not the lashes but the lids. Not knowing what this was I constantly told him to stop. Then he transitioned to pulling down on the lower lids. Mostly at the corner but when it's really bad he will use both hands to pull down on both lids. I took him to the doc thinking he needed an eye exam. With is 5 minutes she said this is a tic. Ignore it and hope it goes away...and by the way he may have ADHD. I can't tell you how mad I was. Talk about a gut punch.
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