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  1. Morning All If someone read my previous post and you have been going through the same thing and recovered could you please give me some advise on what to do and will this go away, im still very young and have a 3 year old daughter, i realy dont wanna have this for the rest of my life. will i be able to get off of my anti depressants in time, this is a feeling that i cant explain, its just there, im coping but still feel as if its never gona get any better. lost of negativity. i know its not good, i beleive every day that i will push through this. please reply, i need someone to chat with and who can be a trusted friend.
  2. Hi I'm new here.......... About 5 months ago I had an pannic attack, I'm 24 years old, I just passed out at my friends house when i came to, I couldnt breathe and my hands and feet felt like needles and pins. it realy felt as if i was dieing. after that day nothing has been the same, i thought there was something seriously wrong with me. went for check ups at the dr but they just said it's panic attacks. i got very scared of having another attack, I stayed indoors, didnt wanna go out or anything. My doctor said i should start taking fluoxitine 20mg, starting it i was very anxious at first, I've been on it for more than two months, still feeling a bit anxious but i can go on with my daily tasks. I'm still fearing another attack, sometimes im scared of not being able to breathe, or that there is something in my throat. I know this is just something that i have to get through. I stopped drinking and all other bad things, changed my whole life style because of this happening. i realy want to know if there realy is people that do recover from this. is my medication good, should i stay on them and can i drink something over weekends? will this be over one day, it realy terrifies me.........................
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