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  1. Hello, I was reading through this older post and had a question. You state that your son has no symptoms now. Did his symptoms disappear after you switched from GABA to tryptophan, or was it before? Thanks!
  2. Thanks so much for these replies. It makes it a lot easier than just staring at the 10 different magnesiums at Whole Foods with a big ? in my brain. Angela
  3. Tracey, I'm starting to think that salycilates are a problem for my child, too. Yesterday, he had pizza with nitrated pepperoni and then had strawberry shortcake for dessert. I started seeing his old jaw/neck tic where he tenses the muscles in his neck and pulls his jaw to the side. He had already had an increase in his eye tics so the naturopath had me put him back on glycine. We also have him on Neuroscience's Kavinace product that has B6, taurine, and another amino acid that promotes GABA uptake in the brain. Is there anywhere where I can find a good list for salycilates? I don't
  4. My 20 year old daughter has always gotten stomach aches from eating eggs. We had her tested a year ago and and found out she is in fact allergic. She doesn't seem to get a stomach ache from eggs in baked goods, but she does if it is in dressings, mayo, etc.
  5. Hello, I would really appreciate some input on the different types and brands of magnesium that people have chosen to use, and why. Is there a lot of difference in the different brands? Have some of you found that while some worked others didn't, or is it just a matter of tweaking and personal choice? We had taken our daughter off of all supplements, as she seemed to be doing worse, and I became frustrated at trying to figure out what the cause was. With dietary intervention she has improved, and has actually gone for four or five days at a time without tics lately, but still has eye r
  6. We too have used it for our daughter and it greatly helped her fall asleep. Our DAN dr. recommended it, and he is quite conservative so I believe it to be safe. As always, one must do one's own research though. I have a friend who has started using it to stay asleep, as she would wake up during the night and not be able to get back to sleep. She swears by the time-release variety, saying she sleeps through the night with it. Just be careful about dosage, because with this, more is not better--more can make you sleepless as another poster has indicated.
  7. Hello, I'm kind of new to the forum. It sounds like Topamax seems to be working well for several people. Does anyone know why it works? Thanks!
  8. She is on a gluten/casein/soy/corn free diet, sugar free (she tested allergic to cane sugar), coconut product free (allergic as well). We also eat only organic fruits and vegetables, "natural" poultry, and organic beef, as well as fish (limited fish as she only likes talapia and cod). Basically meat and veggies, which is why going to a low salicylate diet is so difficult--it eliminates a huge portion of what she can eat. We can't do it for long, as she needs a lot more variety in her diet. A typical day might be: Breakfast--pan simmered chicken or fish, cauliflower (mashed with butter
  9. Tracey111, I am very interested to hear about how your son has been affected by the salycilates. Would you mind telling me, is he tic free when he is on a low salicylate diet? How do you do it!!! We are gluten/casein/soy free and now with this, it seems like there is NOTHING this child can eat. I was at a real low point today, so tired of denying her everything. She has been enjoying bananas and chocolate at treats, but read today in some of the literature (if I'm interpreting correctly) that bananas block the salicylate pathways, and chocolate is a no-no too, so it just kind of put me
  10. This is probably the best place I have ever seen info constucted in one place (pathways of intolerance) You will probably need to read it several times to really grasp all of the implications http://overcomingcandida.com/autism_pst_vi...ns_minerals.htm I would also at least scan this page. If you apply some of what you learn from the PST article, you can start piecing together more of the info contained here. Yasko genetics page Kim, Thanks so much for these great resources. It is going to take me awhile to
  11. I have to say that I am not sure which of the supplements my daughter was reacting to, as she was always on so many at a time. The ones I know for sure, have to do with the PANDAS issue that she also deals with. Grapefruit seed extract was not good, and antibiotics (even when they were made up at a special pharmacy to eliminate any fillers) she had a severe reaction to--head snaps so bad I was afraid she was going to have brain stem damage! Even when I eliminated these, she was still not doing well, though she was on Bon-Tech basics and a few other things like enzymes, probiotics, etc. I w
  12. Hello, I have a 12 year old daughter with tics (although with diet changes she is doing WONDERFULLLY now), and an 18 year old daughter who struggled with OCD and extreme mood swings from age 3 until just two years ago. I just wanted to share with you some encouragement on the road to non-medication for mood disorders. For several years we tried different medications for our daughter with OCD. The side effects were awful--lethargy, ugly meltdowns of rage and tears, etc. When we decided to get her off of meds, the huge rage meltdowns vanished overnight, though she still of course had severe
  13. Hello, My 12 year old daughter has had a tic disorder for two years now, which has greatly improved with dietary changes (identifying allergy foods, eliminating gluten and dairy etc., cooking only whole, clean, basic foods all from scratch). She has gone from 7 concurrently running tics to one, and during waning times, none at all. During waxing times, I still try to find the additional pieces to the tic puzzle. We have tried LOTS of supplements, but she is very sensitive and supplements seem to make her tic more, and she always seems to do best without them. Lately I have been exploring
  14. I am wondering if anyone could direct me to a more complete salicylate level list than I am finding on the internet. I am trying a low salicylate diet (in addition to the multitude of other diet/supplement/environmental interventions) with our 12 year old daughter who has been ticking off and on for two years now. We eat a diet free from artificial ingredients, so that isn't so much the issue as the natural salicylates. There are some fairly good lists online, but I when I come to things like coconut flour, rice vinegar, horehound (medicinal herb for colds), teff flour, sorghum flour, etc.,
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