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  1. Hi @NurseMom21 How are you? I was looking into CBIT therapy and recalled that you are waiting for the same therapy for your daughter. Did your daughter start CBIT? Can you please share your experience?
  2. Hi @BarbsUK, How are you? How is your daughter doing now? I really hope she is doing better with her tics and emotionally. Did you get PANS/Pandas tests done? If so, we’re they helpful?
  3. @NurseMom21stay strong, your daughter needs you more than ever. I pray to god that you get the help and support to help your daughter get better. Please keep us posted on PANS/PANDAS result.
  4. Thank you for the detailed response @mert. It is so good to have someone who is going thru similar issue weigh in on various topics. I appreciate your insights and your opinion on prognosis being mostly on descending trend in the long run. I really hope that's the case for my daughter. I understand you are no Dr but sometimes parents are much more knowledgeable than Doctors. It is indeed very frustrating to see how little research is being done in this area. The nature of the issue, frequency and the age group demands more and more research, intervention and prevention from medical commu
  5. Hi @mert Hope you are doing well. How is your daughter doing? Here comes an update and few follow-up questions. I see that my daughter's throat clearing and breath out from mouth tics are mostly gone. She still does heavy breathout from nose followed by 'hhmmm' and hands pulling towards her. Frequency remained the same, its just that the tics are different. I am still waiting for Dr to order food allergies, PANS/PANDAS and vitamin deficiency tests. Socially my daughter is doing ok but I can sense that she is under tremendous stress knowing people are observing her. Few things
  6. Hi @NurseMom21, I am sorry to hear about your daughter. It is unfortunate how tics take over life all of a sudden. I am in the same boat with my 8 year old daughter. Vocal and motor tics started all of a sudden. I am still clueless looking for possible interventions. My daughter’s pediatric neurologist asked us to wait and watch. They claim the tics to wax and wane overtime. Looks like puberty plays a key role. I wish there is more research and information available. stay strong and keep your daughter’s self esteem high. It’s very hard emotionally on the family. I wish you
  7. Agree with your tic/hyper activity analysis. Thank you for giving optimism, I really hope things will get better.
  8. Thank you @mert. I am also observing that my daughter who used to be the most calm and composed is now hyper active, unable to focus and is very shaky. It breaks my heart to see her this way. she is unable to sit still to attend online classes. I made appt with pediatric psychologist regarding her change in behavior. I am thinking of signing up her for gymnastics as you suggested. I need to enquire if they do in person classes in pandemic or not. It hurts me to see her struggle for an hour in bed with tics while trying to sleep.
  9. Great post. @quan_daniel thank you for posting your sons progress. It will be really helpful if you can please provide the latest update.
  10. Thank you @mert Yes, I explained my daughter about tics and that they will go away eventually. I also told her that she doesn’t need to suppress them. I see her being self aware in social situations. Balloon volleyball sounds so much fun. I will give it a try. Love the pony dressing competition:) I play lot of board games with my daughter. Her tics are worse towards the end of the day. she have a really strict teacher and the online schooling was not working for her. She was under a lot of stress due to this. I spoke to the teacher and requested her to create a more friend
  11. Thank you so much for your response @mert. I really appreciate it. I understand it’s hard and that I need to have lots of patience and need to give time. As parents, we feel so anxious and feel the need to intervene and help kids get better as quickly as possible. I really like the idea of positive stress, keeping up self-esteem and finding activities that define their strengths. The sudden onset of tics definitely created stress for my daughter. I am waiting for appt with child psychologist to help with her anxiety and stress. I am hopeful that if I take care of that iss
  12. Hi moms, dads, My 8 old girl started vocal and motor tics 3 weeks ago all of a sudden. It came out of no where. Other than having a stressful online schooling, there were no other significant changes. We feel lost trying to figure what is happening since she has no other issues. Her Dr asked us to wait and watch. Lot of you have shared really useful information about various supplements, therapies etc. Can you all please share the latest progress? What worked, what didn’t and any advise for the new joiners? Thanks in advance.
  13. @mert my happy 8 year old girl recently started tics and I feel lost and exhausted. We saw first vocal tic 3 weeks ago which progressed into few other vocal and motor tics. She had a really rough time with online schooling and a strict teacher. Reading through your daughter’s journey and your updates helped a lot. It gave hope. Can you please let me know how your daughter is doing now?
  14. @usernamecat I just read your message and I am in the same boat as you. My 8 year old daughter never had tics before. 3 weeks ago she started her first tic with a hhmmm sound which progressed into few vocal and motor tics. She is also doing online school in California. I feel lost and exhausted. How is your daughter doing? Can you share if anything worked in managing tics? I am at loss how little help we get from dr, all I got is wait and see.
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