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  1. Yeah, and make note of anything noteworthy. What I did for a while was assign each day (or you can break it into smaller time periods if you want) a number between 1-10 based on tic intensity. Have 1 be almost no tics at all, and 10 be constant ticcing. That's a great idea, I already log my meals for bodybuilding purposes, might as well add a little more to it... Hopefully I find some results.
  2. Keep a record of what you eat at what times every day. Also keep a record of how you are feeling and how intense your tics were on that day. Some things you may notice an immediate change, other things may take longer. For example, you may notice that when you eat a certain food, your tic gets worse for 3 hours afterward. You may notice that when you haven't eaten something for a few days, your tic improves. You can look for trends over time, like "every time I eat (something) my tic gets worse" or "my tic was better during these days and it looks like I didn't eat (another food) at all during that time," etc. If you have Microsoft Excel, you can make a log with days across the top and times down the side, like this: http://i.imgur.com/At8dc.gif And then you can put comments in each time slot about how you're feeling, etc. You don't have to fill out each one, just if you notice something different that you think is noteworthy. You can use the tabs at the bottom for each month. So pretty much every time I feel that I have noticed an increase in the tics, I should add that to the comments. Maybe at the end of each day put a comment on how I felt throughout the day?
  3. Thanks for the reply Lynn. The reason I want to figure things out myself is, because our insurance only covers the emergency room. If I were to go to a doctor id have to pay cash. Also, I always here about integrative doctors, but I do not really know what they are? While reading the book pretty much all the stories mentioned going to an environmental doctor, are they considered interactive doctors?
  4. Hey everybody, ive been recently reading the ACN Tourettes book, and I am starting to really get convinced that my tics can possibly be reduced (or disappear) with the correct elimination of certain foods. Now I am having a difficult time figuring out what exactly triggers my tics, and I want to start keeping a detailed log of my tics on a daily basis. I just don't really know where to start and how to log everything. Does anybody have a link to a sample log or possibly an explanation of what to log and how to log everything? Would you guys recommend I find the threads where everybody lists common foods that can be triggers and just eliminate as much as possible? If it helps im 22 years old, and ive been having decently severe (not as bad as some stories I have read in the book)tics since I was about 7 years of age. My tics include: Eye blinking, neck stretching, eye rolling, looking over my shoulder (I kinda get stuck in that position for about 10 seconds), discomfort under my arms, discomfort in legs, and the breathing tic. Might have missed a few, but those are the most common ones. Thanks everyone
  5. Yes I am going to a heart doctor next week, because ever since my last doctor visit I have been feeling weird (chest tightness, hard time breathing, etc). I dunno if it is a in my head or an unlucky coincidence. As for the naturopathic doctor, where exactly can I look to find one of those doctors? Can I find one on the UCLA or USC medical center website?
  6. Im not sure if he is MD or not, but I am almost sure he is. I am considering finding a heart doctor to give me a second opinion on the health of my heart. When you said naturopathic doctor. Is that a TYPE of doctor?
  7. Thanks for the replies. I definitely do NOT want to go to medication route, and I have been on this forum for awhile. I have tried many different supplements which have been recommended on here, and not a single one has helped me at all. I do not think this doctor is in it to make money considering he is a friend of my fathers, and he is not charging me for the visits. As for what he did and saw.... I went in he checked my heart beat and then my blood pressure. He said my circulation is low and that I have low blood pressure. He is a Korean man and uses more of the non western medicine practices. He looked at my finger nails and I guess he saw a dis coloring showing him low blood circulation, and he looked at my tongue and noticed something that he mentioned was a sign of stroke in the future. I really do not know what exactly he was saying, because he has a very thick accent. All I understood from him was very high stress levels, low circulation, and low blood pressure. I looked up low blood pressure and noticed that it means that there is a lack of blood or oxygen which reaches the brain. Would this not contribute to tics?
  8. Hey everybody, its been awhile since I have been on this site, but im back and I have a question. Today I finally went to see a doctor (acupuncturist), and he told me that my stress levels are extremely high and that I show signs that can mean I will have a stroke in the future. He believes my tics are caused by all this stress. I dunno how I feel about this cause I have had tics since I was a child, how much stress could I have possible had back then? Anyway im here because I want a second opinion, and wanted to see what type of doctor you guys would recommend I go see. Should I find another acupuncturist or should i try out a different type of doctor? If I should try another type what kind should I look for? Thanks
  9. Hello, Chemar mentioned that Jasmin oil is great to calm you down and I ordered it from three different websites and all of them said in stock, but never shipped because it was out of stock. Does anybody know where I can order it from? Im really starting to get irritated I keep getting refunded and I really want to see if the oil can help calm my nerves down. Also, I checked near by health stores and none of them have it for sale. Thank You
  10. zma just consists of folic acid b-12 b-6 zinc and magnesium. Its meant to give you a much more relaxed deeper sleep. Its actually one of the few things I love taking and I went a week without it and if anything my tics were increased. Where can I purchase that Jasmine oil? Thank You
  11. Very helpful reply, thank you. I just can't figure out my trigger. I am come to a conclusion that food is definitely not the cause, I can eat anything I want even if its all artificial, processed, etc. Supplements have not been helping me very much im not sure if they increase my tics or keep them the same. I am currently taking multivitamins (vitamin shoppe brand, L-carnitine (vitamin shoppe brand), Mag/Calc/Zinc blend (vitamin shoppe), and ZMA which is zinc, mag, and aspertine I think something like that). I have not really seen much difference from any of them I just take them because it calms my brain down since im thinking to myself at least im helping myself somehow. Its weird because its like clock work I get in my car I start having panic attacks combined with ocd and tics I have a hard time breathing (its not sometimes its every time I drive), but when I drive with a friend in the car I dont panic I just tic and ocd a little its like bare able, but alone its ######. I get into my room and sit on my couch I have panic attacks tic and ocd when I stand up in my room I have no tics or ocd no panic attacks (its weird I don't get it). When im out with friends its so minimal its almost like nothing is wrong with me at all. Does this seem normal to anyone? I really don't know what to do I hate coming home at nights, because I know im going to start having panic attacks same goes to driving.
  12. Hey everybody, I just have a quick question is it possible that low self esteem, sadness, or depression can trigger tics? Also, lets say somebody who has tics and ocd goes out with friends and has very minimal tics/ocd, but once they get into their car or go sit in their room at home or any other place such as a classroom or a auditorium they start freaking out having panic attacks/tics/ocd what could possibly be the cause of this? what can possible be a trigger in these places that are mentioned. The reason im asking is because when I am out of town or out with my friends hanging out I have very minimal tics, but once I drive, sit in my bedroom, or sit in a class I start ticing and panicing. I don't think its TV related, because I watch tv other places with no problems I doubt its lightning there are lights in other houses. Could it be that my trigger is just one of the things I mentioned in my title there is many cases of anxiety and panic attacks in family. Thanks
  13. Honestly, I have had relationships that lasted a very long time and I have never really had a problem with someone asking me why I do what I do with my muscles (tics), but it just still bothers ME. I do have a load of friends who have never said anything (I have really become a pro at hiding it) I just cant get my self to get up go and meet new people. Maybe there are other reasons why my self esteem is low.
  14. Hey everybody, I have not posted here for awhile, because I kind of find myself feeling really bad when I do a lot of research on my problem and I end up not really finding a great treatment for myself I feel it makes me feel worse than I do when I just let it be and ignore it. Now I just want to ask you guys (this is a question more for the older people on here who have tics themselves) how do you guys keep your self esteem/confidence up? I always end up feeling like im not worth anybodies time (mostly the girls I like) I feel like why would they want to be with me I have tics/ocd this and that I feel like it makes me scared to approach girls or strike up conversations, because I feel like when they see that I have tics/ocd they will not be interested. Now I know a lot of you guys will say this should not stop you people are not shallow and if somebody does feel that way they are not worth your time anyway, but it really bothers me and I just want to see how others keep their confidence/self esteem high? Thank You
  15. Hey everyone, lately ive realized that my ocd/tics while driving were freaking out because of panic attacks (my educated guess). I did some reading about panic attacks and learned that stress is a major cause of panic attacks. I came across this natural supplement at vitamin shop made my twin labs its called stress solution. http://www.allstarhealth.com/f/twinlab-str...m_campaign=8319 I took it for two days and noticed my tics got so bad that I just stopped after 2 days. Now I just cant figure out if it was the stress solution or just a coincidence, is there anything in that formula that might cause my tics to go crazy? Thanks
  16. Thanks for the reply. I used to take fish oil, but I read so many bad threads about fishoil I kinda got scared and droped it. Im considering flax seed just to be on the safe side.. Chemar yesterday I took all my supplements the correct way and no nausea so I guess that was my fault..
  17. I usually take everything at once on an empty stomach.. I guess I should check out the labels and take them all the right way... I guess I can keep it up for another week or so then if I still feel weird ill drop the inositol and see what happens.. What are your thoughts on the supplement list I have for tourettic OCD? Also, what are your thoughts on taurane with the rest of the supplements I take? Thanks
  18. Hey guys, I started myself on some new supplements (samE, inositol) I seem to get nauseous after I take it. It lasts for about half hour about 15-30 mins after I take it. Its really not that bad, like I can take it its not a problem its not like so bad where I have to throw up or anything I just feel a little sick. I was wondering is this dangerous should I stop? Im taking 200mg of samE (I cut my 400mg in half and I assume this makes it 200mg?) and 500mg of inositol). Its been few weeks with SamE I never felt sick with it untill I added the inositol (im assuming its from that or possibly from mixing them?) My full supplement list is the following (just in case it matters) 1. Vitamin shoppe once a day multivitamin 2. Vitamin shoppe calcium citrate 3. Natural calm magnesium 4. Vitamin shoppe L-Carnitine 5. Solgar sam-e (400mg cut into half 200mg) 6. Solgar inositol (500mg) I take everything in pill form except magnesium. Honestly I have not seen any improvements after adding sam-e or inositol. Is the effect suppose to be right away or should I give the inositol a few weeks before seeing results. Also I heard taurane is good for OCD would it be save to use taurane with inositol and sam-e? Also, what do you guys think about my supplement list good/bad? Thanks everyone
  19. Oh I expected your son to be a lot younger.. Turns out we are the same age.. If only my mom had a clue about my problem she refuses to believe something is wrong with me, I have to deal with everything by my self. I have the Jarrow 400mg SamE so i should possibly get my self the 200mg instead unfortunately I just started the bottle of SamE I feel it would go to waste if I go purchase the 200mg. I also purchased inositol from vitamin shoppe today 500mg so ill give these a try and hope it all goes well.. Thank you
  20. Thanks for all the help Chemar.. Does your son have tourettic OCD as well? If so did this help him out a good amount? I really want to feel like the rest of my friends when driving my car.. They enjoy it so much and I just try to avoid it as much as possible :-\
  21. Well in that case just to be on the safe side i will not take 5HTP or tryptophan at all.. Ill just look into some inositol and SamE.. my SAmE is 400mg per capsule should I find one that is 200mg instead or would it be fine to take the 400mg of samE and 500mg or inositol? Are their any certain brands you recommend or each? Thanks
  22. So im a little confused. So raising your serotonin levels is something I should do not avoid correct? Also, your saying it can be dangerous to increase it to much would you recommend I take Inositol, tryptophan, and 5htp but keep the dosage down? What would I need to look out for in order to know if I am over doing it?
  23. Well Ive had the car for a year or more now, so its not a new car. I honestly don't know what serotonin levels are, but I take the following multivitamins, magnesium (natural calm), SamE which I started like a week ago, and L-Carnitine which ive taken for awhile now. I honestly have never heard of Inositol or 5HTP/Tryptophan what are they supplements or medication? Why should they not be taken together without doctors approval? Thanks
  24. Hey everyone, the past couple of days my tics have been seriously in overdrive.. I haven't done any thing different they just randomly appeared. I dont mind the tics when im not driving im pretty used to them, but the past few days my tics while driving have been unbearable. What happens is pretty much the best way I can describe it is like a panic attack while driving. Its uncontrollable. Its like OCD where you always have to check things like but like its im malfunctioning. I spend more time checking my window looking at my passenger seat or my rear view like over and over and over and over nonstop from one to another, so basically im doing those more than im looking at the road. Also, while I do that I cant breathe (I hold my breath) which makes me panic even more.. This is becoming dangerous and very very very uncomfortable. It feels like a panic attack. I try to calm my self by taking slow breathes, but it only for like a few seconds then I start again. What is going on? I mean I had tics while driving before, but not like this. Also, what i find weird is when I come to a stop or im in the passenger seat while a friend is driving I don't tic at all I have no problems. Its only when im driving. Please if anyone has any info on whats going on or how I can calm my self please any information would be helpful this is ruining my life.. Thank
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