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  1. Hi Zoe, I'm so sorry to learn of your little one's suffering but I think you are on the right track with the naturopath and natural remedies. My daughter, who just turned 18, has had bouts of twitching, mainly her eyes, since she was around 7 years old and she has never been on anything other than natural remedies. I also consulted a naturopath and she has taken up to 400 mg of magnesium per day. He did a "spectrocell" test, which showed her various deficiencies, and he prescribed mainly mag. zinc and B vitamins, which helped her tremendously. Thankfully, she did not suffer the mouth ulcer
  2. Welcome on board Peggy. You are in the right place and will find answers and many friends here. Definately the Environmental Doctor is the way to go. My daughter has had a transient tic disorder, off an on, and we have had great results with such a doctor who is also a DO. She takes supplements and we have definately seen the positive results. She is on magnesium, taurine, zinc and B vitamins and thank God she is doing quite well now. I know how upsetting it is to watch your child struggle but there is hope. It is not easy and you will feel overwhelmed with all the information but afte
  3. Hi Michele, Our kids have special needs and it can be a scary place to be. However, being scared can be a good thing in that you will be more prune to ask questions, research etc to be convinced that the treatment being suggested is the right one for your child. Basically, I think if we find ourselves feeling uncomfortable or with more questions than answers then is the time to put up the stop sign. To answer your question about the DO, the simple answer is that a DO is an Ostopathic Doctor. If you visit the following website you can learn more: http://www.osteopathic.org/index.cfm?
  4. Hi Michelle, Yes we did all of the supplementation and it worked, but I know it can all be overwhelming. However, most supplements come in capsules and many are obtainable in power form so you can try combining in juice etc, which makes it much easier. It is what I did when my daughter was much younger so you may want to speak with your doctor about that approach. Our doctor did the spectracell test - http://www.spectracell.com/ - and was able to determine her exact deficiencies and guaged supplementation accordingly. She will be tested again soon but we have to travel to her DO and s
  5. I think Sunflower has hit on something here. My daughter, now 14, has been experiencing a neck tic (nodding motion) since August as well, having been given her MMR booster in July. It went away for a few weeks in September after putting her on magnesium and Vit B supps but returned again in Oct. I truly believe that many of our children are much too sensitive for vaccinations and hence the symptoms they experience afterwards. It is very upsetting to me that we are legally forced to give vaccines. However, I agree with Sunflower that you should find a good DAN doctor who I am sure will be abl
  6. Hi, This is such good news Pesosmom. I am very happy to read of your good results and pray that your child will have complete healing. Your post has also been very encouraging for me as since mid August my 14 year old daughter started the same head nodding like she is saying yes and also does it side to side. Someone else described it well, "... head nodding as in saying yes and trying to crack her neck at the same time". It is very odd and it just started out of the blue with my daughter. However, in mid July she had to have her booster shots for school, as well as a mengitis vaccine, a
  7. Hi Cheri Just a quick question regarding your use of vitamins, minerals, etc as per your earlier post: "We have seen my son's tourette and OCD go from very severe to mild over the 3+ years that we have been using supplements(vitamins,minerals,amino acids,herbs) and other alternative therapy." I was wondering how you were able to determine the right dosage for your son? Was this on the advice of his doctor? If so, did you do specific tests to determine what supps were needed? My daughter is 11 1/2 and she is now taking GNC's Animal Parade Supplements. I've read, however, of the bene
  8. Hi all Re your query Guest_efgh when, when my daughter was having the blinking twitch her mouth twitched slightly to one side as well. The doctor explained to me that because the various muscles of the face are all interconnected, one will pull on the other. (Pretty logical I think). Regards Sherryl
  9. Welcome back Claire. I wish both you and efgh success in your investigations of Body Talk. My daughter continues to do well and I'm praying for permanent relief. I'll keep you posted on our progress. I thought I should mention that there is an interesting article in the June '04 issue of "let's live" (health and preventative medicine mag) titled "get rid of allergies without a prescription." Interesting read. Sherry
  10. Hello Gina and all, Re Allergy treatments, may I refer you to my post of today's date under the "A prayer that has helped me" thread. I posted there regarding the remarkable help my daughter my daughter has been receiving for her allergies. Perhaps it will help you. Regards, Sherry
  11. Hi again! Well praises everyone! I'm very happy to report great progress in my daughter's healing re the facial tic she had been experiencing. Thank you for the many prayers and please keep them going up. efgh I took my daughter to a qualified Medical Doctor (GP) who has also been trained as an Acupuncturist and is a BodyTalk practitioner (information on Body Talk can be found here: http://www.bodytalksystem.com/index.cfm). The doctor was able to detect from examination of my child's eyes that there were clear signs of an allergic reaction including "allergy shine" (dark circle under
  12. Hello all, I'd like to encourage anyone who is open minded enough (and I get the impression most people on here are!) to seriously look at "Body Talk". While this is not a medical test you will receive indications of sensitivities. Just be sure to find a well experienced practitioner. The one I took my daughter to is a qualified medical doctor who is also trained in acupuncture and and Body Talk Systems. I know definately that for allergy treatment Body Talk works. Just thought I would pass that along. God bless, Sherry
  13. Hi again! Thank you Cheri! I am so very grateful for this ever supportive community here. Please keep the prayers going up as today I can see a marked improvement in my daughter's symptoms.Thank God! The blinking etc is no where near as bad as it was yesterday. The doctor said it would take about three days and today is only the second one. This is another example of how God answers our prayers! Thanks again. God bless, Sherry
  14. Thanks Chemar! The doctor visit went really welly. It turns out that my daughter has a sensitivity to corn and the blooms of a stree whcih are currently blooming. The doc thinks that the severe blinking she has been having is to do with allergies amd she is now on eye drops. The doc pointed out as well the evidence of allergies : allergy shine. So hopefully she is corect and this will completely healed and over it rapidly. Thanks again for all the support! Sherry
  15. Hi Karen, I found an interesting website recently, www.drrapp.com. I don' t think Dr Rapp is in DC but might be able to offer beneficial advice re what you are seeking as her interest is in environmental concerns. Good luck! Sherry
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