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  1. Your TEN YEAR OLD SON SHOULD NOT BE ON THESE DRUGS! They change the development of his mind AND body. Treatment for ADD and other psychiatric problems needs to begin with a registered and I guess it is not needless to say, Qualified, Psychologist with expertise in his issues before he is 16.
  2. I've been reading through the posts here and come to wonder where you people are getting your doctors. Someone taking an SSRI should NOT be prescribed ANY ADHD stimulant whatsoever without very close monitoring and for God Sake 20 mg to start off?! Your father enjoys 30mg of Adderall because he gets high every time he takes the the bloody thing. Take the pills back to the pharmacy and find a qualified Psychiatrist because this is absurd.
  3. The prescribing doctor rates in the upper ranks of un-qualified professionals. You don't simply give someone Adderall after being told that strong stimulants, as so obviously implied, cause severe anxiety. Methylphenidate is NOT, post-metabolism, a "completely different drug". They yield their affects at different rates and trigger the brain a little differently but the fact is, they're both powerful drugs which DO cause increased activity throughout the entire body. The correct initial discussion would have involved a full analysis of your diagnosis and even if that seemed alright, a low-ran
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