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  1. There also was an insect bite before that, I think a tick that did not really heal for a couple of years. No rash around that. Would get irritated and a scab would form and fall off. Has finally healed now. Had another insect bite before that and had hives daily for at least a month. Before that had strep, and was given penicillin and had a rash from the penicillin.... Who is the homeopath that you work with? Sandy
  2. When my daughter went dramatically downhill, it began with severe stomach pain, not throat pain, and at that time the pediatrician suggested we should stop gluten. We did that, then saw gastro (unfortunately in the wrong order). Gastro said to start gluten again so he could test for celiac. At that time when we started gluten again, I remember stomach pain with a small, red raised rash, I think on her arms. Now I wonder if that could have been strep without the throat symptoms and because we were focused on the stomach issue, no one tested for strep. Because she did have all the sensory sensitivities and black rage begin at that time and eventually was diagnosed with Aspergers, OCD, sensory sensitivities.. Gastro found nothing with testing. She has improved a lot with homeopathy but the OCD persists. This mention of it receding with getting sick is really the only thing that has impacted it. Makes me think... Sandy
  3. Hi, I am am a homeopath with a daughter diagnosed with Aspergers and OCD. Quite a while ago, I ruled out PANDAS for my daughter because there was no clear connection with strep but I continue to wonder about that. In the last couple of weeks the whole family has been sick with something viral, and I think that my son and I have had strep. Jaime rarely gets sick and usually only very mildly even when the rest of us are more seriously affected. This time she got a head cold, pretty mild, but she said that her OCD was improved during her cold. So, once again, I am wondering if there is a connection with infection. That when her body mounts a normal immune reaction, it I proves the OCD? What is the meaning of feeling improved during a virus, and what would that indicate about possible PANDAS etc? I am treating myself with a very aggressive homeopathic protocol that A.U. Ramakrishnan, a homeopath from India proposes for strep (strep nosode plus high potency Sulphur homeopathic). I am already feeling improved. I think I have had a lingering infection from a couple of years ago as I have an enlarged tonsil that has never gone away since I had tonsillitis at that time. I am just trying to figure out if my daughter's response would warrant trying this protocol with her. When she was tested for strep quite a while ago, the tests were negative. Thanks for your help. Sandy Seaman
  4. How is isopathic treatment working for you? Thank you for any ideas. Our Dr. is getting training and wants to try it our ds.

  5. I have definitely seen some very quick and dramatic changes. My daughter has had very bad sleep problems - with her sleep completely reversed - with her latest remedy, the sleep flipped around in about 2 weeks. Some other changes have been very slow and two steps forward, one step back. I believe OCD is considered a very difficult condition to treat and the treatment would be expected to be slow and take quite some time - often with different remedies being needed at times for different layers of symptoms. Because OCD is not easy to treat, I think it is so important to find a good homeopath who has experience with miasmatic prescribing (prescribing for what we might call genetic predispositions). Sandy
  6. Hi Gayle, We are in Reading, PA. I think traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy have some common ground. Sandy
  7. We are working with a classical homeopath. I am not familiar with the Pleo Sans drops but they seem to be a nosode or isopathic type of remedy. A classical homeopath uses a single remedy at a time, and bases their remedy selection on the individual mental, physical and emotional characteristics of the patient - so 10 children with PANDAS might be prescribed a variety of different remedies (and nosodes) depending on their individual symptoms. A great book that explains classical homepathy is "Impossible Cure" by Amy Lansky. Her son was cured of autism with homeopathy and it does tell that story but goes on to give a really good explanation of how classical homeopathy works and how to choose a homeopath. It's a really interesting read too. Here is a link to an article on a 16 year old with OCD treated with classical homeopathy. Although this boy's remedy was syhpilinum, not everyone having OCD would need that remedy and it is a very powerful nosode so would not be recommended that anyone try that on their own. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0IS..._84211150/pg_5/ I found our homeopath from this website. These ladies are all students of Dr. Luc DeSchepper, a homeopath (now retired) who has written many books. He has someone who took over his practice who is also probably very good (Farah Gron). It is better to meet with someone in person but some practitioners will work over the phone or skype. http://www.homeopathyforwomen.org/ There are different ways of dosing homeopathically and our homeopath uses the remedies in water rather than with dry dosing. I like this method as it is possible to adjust the dose very precisely for kids who are very sensitive as my daughter is and you have a lot more contact and give and take with the homeopath with this method. My daughter was fairly healthy though had tons of ear infections/strep several times when she was younger. She was quirky - extremely gifted, had difficulty with transitions, socially inept, adopted). When she hit puberty she developed sensory processing problems, rage, withdrew socially, developed OCD, eventually became unable to do school. During that time she did stop having colds, flu etc. It was suggested that she had aspergers but I don't really think she does. When we were on that track we tried DAN and Amy Yasko (buckets of supplements!) and I think in the end the heavy supplementation made her OCD worse. Her body is really sensitive and I don't think she was able to tolerate it - same with medication. Even with homeopathy, we have to give her 1/4 tsp. of a remedy while the rest of us take a 1 tsp. usually. The homeopath sees any kind of discharge - cold, vomiting, diarrhea, even emotional outbursts as positive. The homeopathic view is that the body tries to move disease outward - away from the essential organs of body to protect the organism. So a skin eruption would not be as serious as asthma and the mental level would be considered the most serious impairment of a person. The example would be that a person can function pretty well having lost a finger or even a hand, but if they are impaired on the mental level, they lose much more ability to function. OK - I will stop now. I have become so fascinated with all this that I have recently enrolled in a school for homeopathy. So I could go on and on... Sandy
  8. Hi, My daughter, 16, is being treated by a classical homeopath. I thought I would check to see if anyone else is going this route. It would be nice to compare notes. My daughter does not have a formal diagnosis of PANDAS but I suspect that is an element of her case. She has sensory processing problems as well as contamination type OCD and had completely messed up sleep. She was sleeping all day and up all night. She is not doing any school at this point. We are in month three with the classical homeopathy. Her sleep has recently flipped around to normal so that is a wonderful positive. Her raging had stopped but just this week she got a cold and has had 3 OCD/rageful meltdowns. I am thinking the cold is the trigger. The homeopath is pleased that she developed a cold as she sees this as the body fighting back (she had not had any colds/flus for years). So far - I am very hopeful with the homeopathic treatment. Anyone else out there trying this? Sandy
  9. My daughter is 15 now and I did not keep good records but I now believe that when she was 5 and had the chicken pox vaccine was the same year we began to see a child psychologist because her tantrums were so intense and scary. The psychologist did not want to see my daughter (which I still think is very strange) but just taught us to put her in time outs (very ugly). I do remember her commenting that my description of Jaime's behavior was very unusual and she had never heard of a child acting like this. That she would not see Jaime in person still bothers me. I actually called her office to try to get a specific date for our first appt. to see if it was near the vaccine but she never got back to me. Sandy
  10. Yes - she had a throat culture which was negative. After reading the requirements for PANDAS over and over, I think I am just going to give up on it. I don't think we have a clear connection between strep and the OCD though I do think she has viral/bacterial issues. Maybe in the future, they will find that many neurological problems are connected to an impaired immune/methylation system. Sandy
  11. Thanks, Susan - so maybe we just need to keep at it - adding it in very slowly. We are on our third different brand of Vitamin D now and she seems to react to them all. Sandy Hi Sandy, I don't know if this will be helpful but I thought I'd mention that I had a very hard time myself when I started vitamin D supplements due to low vit. D numbers. I was very low and started mega doses. It gave me horrible headaches and I would feel like I could not breathe. I had to try 3 different types of vitamin D and work up slowly to be able to tolerate it. Now that my numbers are good, I can take any vitamin D with no trouble. Just a thought for you anyway to maybe try a different type or brand? Unfortunately I don't know the differences between what I originally took and what I ended up with. They were prescriptions. Susan
  12. She does not have tics although just lately she started to spit a lot. The drops are called Vaccistat and Neurostat and were recommended by another mom. Yes - I do think we should find a homeopath if we decide to continue with this. Sandy
  13. Hi Everyone, I am mom to Jaime, 15, with severe OCD. We have tried to investigate the PANDAS connection but titers have been low and no positive throat cultures. She has not had a bout with strep for quite a few years - in fact, has not had a real illness for years. But I do think her OCD is related to viral or bacterial issues because she always has so many physical symptoms along with her OCD behavior as well as sensory problems. We have done many supplements in the last two years and she reacts strongly with detox symptoms to many of them. We recently tried some homeopathic drops for viral issues and she immediately responded with detox symptoms (headaches, nausea, eczema on her face, stomach pains, itching). She does not develop a full blown illness but just has these ongoing symptoms that come and go. I have heard of PITANDS but have not seen much about it. She is also, perhaps, too old for the PANDAS diagnosis. I keep thinking that IVIG would probably be of great help to her but I don't feel we have the testing to prove it and don't know where to get testing to prove that this might help. Our local doctor is of no help with all of this. Any thoughts? Sandy
  14. My daughter just recently starting spitting. She also is spitting on things to sort of "decontaminate" them but she also seems to have a lot of spit/mucus. We have sort of ruled out PANDAS as she tests negative but I still think her OCD is related to something - probably something viral. We tried 2 homeopathic remedies for viral issues - Vaccistat and Neurostat and she immediately got symptoms - headaches, nausea, eczema on her face, worse behaviorally. We only made it about two weeks and then she refused to take it. This week after stopping the drops has been a bit better for her. I do think they were helpful. But only confirms for me that her problems are viral or possibly bacterial. Is there a doctor or a test who could confirm chronic virus? She has not shown anything on the strep testing we have done. Sandy
  15. Has anyone had their child react by detoxing and looking very ill when supplementing with vitamin d? My daughter is very low in vitamin d and we have had a very hard time supplementing with it. She always looks ill, pale, eczema appears on her face when I introduce vitamin d. She was on 1000 ius for a while (it took a year to work up to that) but we took a supplement break due to severe OCD. Now that we tried vitamin d again, we are right back to her looking very ill from it. I used to think this was just because her body really needed it, and when given her body would start to detox. Now I am just wondering if she really is intolerant to the supplement and we need to use a sun lamp as she will not consistently go out in the sun. Sandy
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