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  1. Tony - you and I have one thing in common - we have to come up with an even count! I can't believe believe I found someone with this same quirk. I don't even realize I'm doing it until I catch myself. I have been a bookkeeper for many years and I think I am just drawn to a profession with a great deal of detail, as are you. You might want to bring this up with a psychologist for some input as to how you can keep it at bay. Some folks here say it's a form of OCD, and that may be true. Best wishes, Maeve
  2. Scrumpets! I thought I was the only one who counted the letters in sentences! Another peculiarity in my habit is to have all the letters come out even. I insert a comma, period or exclamation mark if I come up with an odd count. All this I do in my head, of course. I've never thought of this quirk as a drawback; in fact, it has greatly enhanced my spelling and other cognitive abilities. It would be interesting to have an expert explain this letter-counting phenomenon in psychological terms. I’d like to know in which part of the brain this little quirk lies, and how it came to be.
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