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  1. Hi everyone. I’m new here. My sons name is Max. He is 7 years old and when he was 6 developed tics. At the time he had a sniffling thing which I thought could be due to dry nose or allergies but now I know it was a tic. It started a few weeks after he started going to a school once a week to learn a new language. That lasted for a few weeks and went away. No tics until he started kindergarten in the fall. Maybe 3 months or so into school he started a humming tic where he goes hmm over and over again. That went away and immediately following he started a facial tic. His face would make so much different stuff. Rolling eyes, raising eyebrows, smiling, all at the same time. Then as soon as it came on all tics disappeared. Now there is no school and he started ticking again 2 weeks ago. Started with the hmm and went to saying haa. A new one has replaced that one with a gasping one. He kind of just does 2-3 gasps in a row. Kind of like he got scared and gasped. and that continues like all day unless he is running around and playing with friends or something. He says it bothers him because he doesn’t want to do it but he can’t help himself:( it breaks my heart and there have been many days where I just cry in my room. a little background about him is that he was born with a heart defect that required 3 open heart surgeries. Most recent was when he was 5 years old. He is a bit shy around his teachers and new people that he meets. And also I think might have a bit of anxiety after all that he went through. And also easily scared. he is taking a bunch of supplements that I started a few days ago but so far I see no improvement
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