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  1. Careful not to poison yourself. Vitamin D is fat soluble which means that if you take too much your body will store it in your fat cells. Compare that to vitamin C and the B vitamins which are water soluble and if you take too much you just pee them out (hence the bright yellow pee you get when you take a large dose of B vitamins). Yeah too much D particularly with high calcium intake can result in symptoms of hypercalcemia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypercalcemia But a light skin person not using sun screen could get 25,000 IU of D in 30 minutes on summer day with full body exposure. In that sense 10,000 IU is not a high dose for a person who gets very little sun light.
  2. Could be various mechanisms OCD, autism spectrum, addiction, etc. I do not have a porn addiction but I do have repetitive behavior. Oddly large doses of taurine seem to be helping with that. Do not know much about OCD. In the case of addiction drugs like naltrexone has been used to treat a lot different types of addiction. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naltrexone
  3. L-cysteine is non-essential amino acid in the sense your body can usually make what it needs from other amino acids. But a person needs L-cysteine one way or another and L-cysteine should not be considered toxic. I have noticed L-cysteine is a common bread dough conditioner. Know nothing about egg sensitivity but I assume its due to proteins not single amino-acids. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cysteine#Applications Likely very little L-cysteine in the flour anyway.
  4. There is some research that suggest vitamin D might be useful to prevent colds and flu. Personally I started taking a high dose 10,000 IU since I get zero sun light. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18377099
  5. I guess there are a lot possibilities: 1. There is no real enhancement taking place. 2. A lower pH could increase the absorption and the half life in the blood of his meds. I doubt his vitamin is that basic though. 3. If he had a shortage of some critically needed coenzyme for neurotransmitter production then supplementing it might have increased production of various neurotransmitters. 4. Many agents alone in a multi-vitamin/mineral have been shown to boost mood some:selenium, magnesium, etc. 5. Various b vitamins in combination lower homocysteine levels and high homocysteine levels are associated with a wide number of disorders. Though the research showing lowering homocysteine can treat those disorder is not clear.
  6. I do not have Tourettes. But I have taken taurine in large doses 6-12 grams a day for autism spectrum. The first day I took it I did feel a bit giddy and had a headache later in the day. After that the next few days I felt more calm. Other side effects I have had is increased appetite and its mildly diuretic. Anyway my point is you might not be able to judge taurine effectiveness on the first few uses of it.
  7. I found this thread searching for "aspergers" "potassium" -"chelation". Anyway I have a few comment to make about potassium. First there could be potassium channel dysfunction in various developmental disorders. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypokalemic_s...overstimulation I personally do notice a clearing of my mind when I take 1000 mg of more of potassium. The original poster suggest the doctor was recommending the potassium bicarbonate as a pH increaser. That maybe but its possible he is aware of the above "Hypokalemic_sensory_overstimulation". The mother mentioned her child regressed when he ate Mac and cheese. Thats a very salty food. And in theory sodium is antagonistic to potassium. A diet high in sodium might negate the effects of low amounts of potassium. Potassium bicarbonate is sold at wine brewing stores to increase the pH in wine. There can be dangers in high amounts of potassium. It can irritate the stomach and even cause death. So do not even think about supplementing with non-food sources without expert advice. Natural unprocessed food tends to all be low in sodium and fairly high in potassium. So a sensible approach is to avoid high sodium food. More that 1 mg sodium per cal is getting very high. Doctors often recommend half that level for people with high blood pressure. That would be about 0.5 mg sodium per cal. Read the food labels you feed your kid you maybe shocked how salty it is. Even wholesome bread is usually 1.75 mg sodium per cal.
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