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  1. damn if anybody has been facing the same scenario like me. just goddamn feel like im possessed. i keep surfing them porn sites, and watching all that garbage, even when i dont want to. i just go on with my normal stuff, reading some stuff online, chatting and then wham! i type those ugly website names and watch all that. and its so compulsive. i dont want to do it, but this huge compulsion i keep doing this thing, and it was once a month, and the gap creeped up. now its everyday sometimes twice a day. i go and do this stuff. im sick of myself making resolutions and i suffer from alot of guilt.
  2. woah......... yes thats how things turn out to be. i have been living in ignorance too. and now when this is happening. i cannot face my past.
  3. woah.. look at the views this topic got.. right now i see 39204 views. so many people have the same problem as we do damn let me talk about myself. im 20 male from india. i watch alot of porno, and now i seem to have got hooked to it. also my relationship with the opposite sex has diminished, i cant find the courage to go to college. i find myself running scared. its affecting my career and also my family life. i keep going to them porn websites, cybersex rooms and reading erotic stuff, watching some crazy videos. its all filled in my head. and im acting out of that what is stored in my memory. and i dont find any easy solution to discarding all the old stuff. and i spoke to some folks. they say you can never erase your memory. you will always have them in your head. and that is experience. all your experiences are stored and the brain has no delete function. i gotta live with it i understand, i try to stay away from porn. but its so compulsive. is anyone like that?? please message me, maybe we can talk things over. i believe in the educational stuff, not the miracle cures, and this sort of stuff needs to be dealt with on a day to day basis. i had other addictions, i was into drugs and went thru a rehab. im away from all types of narcotic substances for 15 months. and i know the nature of the mind of an OCD. i can observe my own conditioning. its a whole mess. please somebody talk to me, we can't do this alone. i'm looking for someone to talk to.
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