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  1. Hi guys! So I was diagnosed at 7, and I’m 25 now. Side note if anyone has any questions or needs support or advice I’m always here to lend a perspective about what your kiddos might be going through. I remember it all very vividly. I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for supplements/treatments. I recently started having a bad flare up of OCD symptoms, hasn’t happened in a very long time. My previous DBT training and therapist are a huge help- I can manage it. But I’d like to reduce the symptoms as much as possible. I work in an OR and it’s difficult to manage intrusive OCD thoughts when you’re trying to help with surgeries haha. Also, love to all of you. It’s been really nice reading this forum and seeing how much you all care about your children. You’re rockstars never forget it ❤️
  2. Oh wow, life suddenly makes much more sense me. I’m 25 now- diagnosed with PANDAS at 7 (was part of one the first studies in Boston) but I always used to have issues in the summer. I LOVED swimming but was always confused by my own behavior. I’d be a fairly social kid most of the time but was struck harder with my OCD, antisocial, severe anxiety symptoms (not all of them but I wonder if chlorine was a trigger for these more than others) during the summers. If it’s any consolation, now I swim at the Y (heavily chlorinated haha) and often feel extremely calm after (I think just the mindfulness for swimming) so I think maybe chlorine makes it worse when the immune system is already freaking out or less developed (childhood, antibiotics). I still get PANDAS symptoms and am trying to work on finding triggers but chlorine isn’t one anymore. But thank you for helping me connect some more of the dots!
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